Friday, 15 January 2010

Shoe addict = me

I have a problem. A serious serious problem. I don't even wear the shoes I buy FFS, I live in trainers. However, my shoe collection keeps growing and if somebody doesn't hide my card away from me, it'll grow even more. Clicky here to see the current collection (minus five or six pairs I cannot for the life of me find). It isn't as bad as the twin's problem, because I don't own more shoes than I can possibly get through in a lifetime. However, I do constantly find new ones I want. Here's a run down of the top 15 'I waaaaant' pairs on my list right now.

1 - Steve Madden, Twistedd Blush. $104.97

2 - Prada, Ruched Criss Cross Sandals. £466

3 - Faith, Lutter. £40

4 - Fergie, Women's Blast Sandal. $89.95

5 - Ebay wins at life, but brand etc, no idea. I still want them. £12.99

6 - Nine West, Vampy. $89

7 - Christian Louboutin, Very Brode. Currently £135, was £437.

8 - New Look, Piped Suede Shoes. £30

9 - New Look, Studded Peep Toe Shoe. £25

10 - Schuh, Sparkle Zebra High Heels. Currently £30, were £74.99

11 - Rascal, Bright Orange Butterfly Sandals. £59

12 - Christian Louboutin, Pique 140 Sandals. $995

13 - Aldo, Simonelli. £54.98

14 - Aldo, Ohlson. $100

15 -Steve Madden, Loyyall. $89.95


Clarice (Aianna) said...

You're right, I didn't notice that some pairs were similar. Well except for the ones that are the exact same lol. You should get the coloured ones, your collection needs more colour! *nods*