Monday, 16 February 2009

Hottie box update

So I was thinking about this long and hard today and I realised that the only way I could do this fairly was to have three boxes. Let's face it, otherwise, my box of hotties would basically consist of only Valencia boys, and that's not really very fair to everyone else. So, basically, the three boxes are Valencia boys, Liverpool boys and all other men. And it was still tough to narrow down. I tried to keep it to 5 people per box, but well...Valencia just have too many hot guys, and I am determined to live up to my rep as the Valencia whore :P

Here we go. First under the spotlight - The other men. Just because.
#1 - Edilson. Yeah, I think the pics of this man can say it better than any words I could get down here.

#2 - Xavi. Yes, he's that high. No, don't ask. I can't explain it. He

#3 - Gennaro Gattuso. I don't even know what it is about him. He's just hot in that animalistic kind of way. Leave me alone ok, I have weird tastes.

#4 - Alexandre Despatie. Like he needs a reason. He spends half his life in speedos. Really tight ones. Guh.

The last position took the longest to figure out. I wanted so many guys in here. I knew cutting down to just 5 guys would be a tough task, I just didn't think it would be THIS hard. Anyway, after much thought, I decided on this:

#5 - Fernando Verdasco. The epic hottie showdown. That's all I need to say.
The main reason behind this decision was that I didn't want to just fill this up with a whole bunch of footballers. Although this box is likely to change as soon as MCR release their new album and I start seeing Frank Iero on my telly again.

Then we have the Liverpool box of hotties.

#1 - It HAS to be Stevie. There's just no other guy that means as much to me in the team. I mean, I love all the boys, but he is way clear at the top.

#2 - Daniel Agger. I will be heartbroken if Liverpool let him (and his tattoos) leave. He's hot and he's good.

#3 - Xabi Alonso. Well, if Stevie loves him, he's good enough for me :P

#4 - Fernando Torres. Well, it wouldn't really be a list without him in it. He's more cute than hot really, but his footie skillz - now they're hot.

#5 - Javier Mascherano. Yes, another one that I just can't explain. He's short. And probably not generic hot. But all the same...

And finally, my favourite box of all. Valencia :D

#1 - Vicente. Ok, so if I wanted to be petty, I'd say he's joint first with Dahveed, but I don't, so yeah, he's #1. It's only fair. Without him, I wouldn't support Valencia and I wouldn't be able to do this box.
#2 - Dahveed Veeyah. I need to go into the reasons behind this again? Just click here for a recap.
#3 - David Silva. He's just all over general cuteness. And when he has stubble, he transforms into uber hottie.
#4 - Raul Albiol. Because even if he does score own goals and make babies halfway through the season, he is hawt.
#5 - Joaquin. I don't even know when this crush hit me, but it hit HARD. So hard in fact, he's currently top 5 material!
#6 - Alexis. His tattoos just kill me. Seriously, they're uber hot. I'm possibly slightly too obsessed with them.
#7 - Carleto. I'm totally over the fact he is 19, it's not that big an age gap. He'll be 20 soon, and then I won't feel so bad for crushing on a teenager.
#8 - Renan. I can't help it. He's hot in motion, but not in pics, so don't judge.
#9 - Hugo Viana. He doesn't get to play much, but that doesn't stop him being hot, and it doesn't stop me fangirling over him.
#10 - David Albelda. He'd probably have been higher than this if it wasn't for the shiny naked photoshoot...

Before I have to go and have a realllly cold shower, can I just say how hard it was to stick to just 10 Valencia boys. Am I too much of a Valencia whore?


Vanilla Bear said...

Wow Gina, I don't even crush on most of these guys but even I felt the heat as I was scrolling down... Despatie omg *died at that point* said...

Hot box! (fans self)
Please remind me not to open this box at work, please.
Nearly spill my dinner all over Edilson... pic :D

Now I really wish that I could show you the vid where Joaquin hypnotised a chicken... :(