Wednesday, 29 April 2009

*fans self*

Ok, so while we were on a search for a specific guy for Vanilla Bear, I discovered this site and I got lost in there. Anyway, my object of lust is Bernardo Velasco. He's 22. He's hot. And erm, I kind of want his babies.

I think I need a very cold shower. VERY cold.

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So, I came to a sudden realisation.

The whole world by now will be aware of my total fangirl obsession with Valencia. I mean, you know, it's not totally fangirl, because I actually love watching them play for the skillz and not just their looks. They can't help being so good looking and it's a bonus I enjoy, but it's not why I support them and it's not why I watch them. Anyway, this sudden happened a while ago. I just never got around to blogging on it then. I'm pretty certain this is not a new thing to any of you. In fact, you probably knew it before I did.

Looking through the squad list on the official site, there is not a single person on there that I would say no to. Seriously, not one of them. Some are a maybe, most are a yes. Some are a HELL YEAH (over and over). And the realisation was that Valencia are actually the first football team this has ever happened to me with. Not even Liverpool have come close, because while they have a lot of hot guys, they also have some er...rather unfortunate looking ones, who I love dearly, but just would not go there with. I think I need psychiatric help.

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Football shirt collections...

Ok, so a while back, Vanilla Bear did a post about her collection of football shirts, and I promised in the comments I would take pics of my shirts when I get the printing for my Valencia shirt. Well, that arrived yesterday, so here's the post. I have 2 Liverpool shirts (Owen and blank) over at my mum's, as well as my England shirt (yes, you can really tell which NT MY priorities lie with...) but this is the rest of them. I guess I will do this in chronological order, because it's easiest that way.

So, the first one was actually my Owen shirt, but I don't have a pic of that, so you'll have to imagine it and we can move on. Next in line was the Gerrard shirt.

Then after that, it was the England shirt I think. I don't even remember when my dad bought me that. *shrugs* It's the reversible away one. And then there was the Agger shirt...
After Dagger, I think the next shirt I bought was the other Liverpool one that has no name on the back. The one I don't have a pic of. Then I think I went a while without buying any shirts, and for xmas my dad got me this:
I bought a kids Spain shirt online after that, because it was only £9.99 and like hell I'm missing out on that price!
Then one day in Brighton, I went on a major shopping spree for football shirts and bought the following:
I did want to get Masch's name on the back of the Liverpool one and Veeyah's name on the back of the Spain one, but the kids shirts are a little too small to fit Mascherano on the back and they didn't have the right printing for the Spain one. Pfffft. They're all currently blank, but I'm going to get them printed at some point. Honestly, I have a problem.

And then after all of that, I still wasn't happy. I'm a Valencia fan, yet I didn't actually own a Valencia shirt until this season. Mind you, I'm glad I waited until now, because Valencia Experience - BEST. SPONSOR. EVER. (You know, aside from the fact they didn't actually PAY the team anything...) Anyway,I currently have two. Trust me when I say that number WILL grow.

I still NEED a Veeyah shirt. I don't much care whether it's a Spain one or a Valencia one, but I need to buy one. It might possibly be the new Spain one. Or maybe next season's Valencia shirt and I'll get Albiol (or Marchena) on the Spain one. *shrugs* I still don't know. Also, I want to buy a Barca shirt with Xavi's name on the back. I don't support Barca. I'm not even sure how much I like them tbh, but I like Xavi so yeah...

I need to get a Liverpool shirt with Sami's name on the back as well, because he is such a club legend, it would be shocking for me to not own one. No really, I have a problem. I'm going to end up with more football shirts than anything else in my wardrobe at this rate.

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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

I am a ghost!

Ok, so for real, Valencia killed me. Look at this pic for the evidence. Do I not look ghostlike? It's cool yet creepy andI have NO idea how it happened.

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I died. No really, I died. I mean, Marchena, I could probably go without seeing. And Baraja too. Chente and short shorts go hand in hand. But that doesn't mean it gets any easier to handle over time. Guuuh. I love that man. And then, as if I was not dead enough from the amount of short shorts on display - Albiol goes and does that. I mean, I see asscheek. ASS. CHEEK. Thank you god and all that is holy. I will now proceed to not be able to sleep for the next...however long it takes to get over this.

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Holiday run down - part 5!

Ok, I am finally going to stop slacking and actually do the post from the final day in Valencia. So, we woke up obscenely early again, which for once, I didn't complain about because it was our last full day there and I didn't want to miss out on anything. We went back to the city of Arts and Sciences to see the science museum. It was a load of fun, there was all sorts of interactive activities and things to do, and we spent a good few hours exploring. There was a cool DNA helix thingy displayed, which actually made my neck hurt looking up at it. I don't think I got a pic though. Or I did and I can't find it. Anyway, moving on...

Yeah, that was a map thingy of the city on the ground. And yes that is the Mestalla. And yes, I did make my dad take a pic. There was also all sorts of cool things suspended from the ceiling, but instead, I'm choosing to post this because you can see the design of the building. Sort of.

Anyway, after that, I met up with Sarah (is it the first official Orange Hoodies Kickette meeting?) and we got the bus to the city center. We took a detour past the Mestalla (which was actually in totally the opposite direction to where we wanted to go, but still...) and I'll post the other pic from that when I get it from Sarah. It was kind of weird metting someone I've spent the best part of a year talking to online face to face, but it was kinda awesome too. We sat in this little restaurant to get some lunch amd we got to try the paella. I can see why Valencia is so famous for it, it was damn good paella.

Following that, there was more exploring to be done, my dad wanted to see the silk exchange. Now, I figured this meant there would be exchanging of silk being done, but no, it was just another old building. It was absolutely beautiful inside and out though.

We also got one of the inner city buses that basically does a quick circle around the city center, which took all of 10 minutes. After that, it was time to go our seperate ways. Sarah headed back to her hostel while my dad and I went to try and find a souvenier spoon and I managed to persuade him to get me some ice cream. It was the bestest ice cream ever, and actually, it is probably the cause of my cold right now, because I ate too much in a short space of time while it was raining.

After that, we walked back to the hotel where we watched yet another football game. I don't even remember what it was, some UEFA cup game or other. Then we headed back out to see the city center at night and take some pics.

I was mostly sad because it was my last evening in Valencia and I didn't want to leave. Having said that, my sunburn needed time to heal. I packed my suitcase in the evening before we went out to avoid having to worry about it later. We didn't have to leave until midday the next day, but it still didn't leave us an awful lot of time for exploring. Sadly, I didn't even get to see the boys train. *sighs* Still, there's always next time.

Then on the plane home, we took some pics of Valencia from the air.

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Happy Birthday BB Mata!!

Ok, I apologise profusely to Mel for this post, but well, he's a Valencia boy and I can't not do this. BB Mata turns 21 today! Oh wow, that makes me feel old, I've been 21 for 3 weeks already.

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I freaking love this man

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Monday, 27 April 2009

Um, hello.

Why must Valencia be so full of pretty? I cannot take it any more.

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Shut the fuck up

I read a lot of bullshit articles about a lot of stuff. Nothing gets me quite as pissed off as a person who blatantly doesn't know their penalty box from their center circle commenting on things that quite frankly, have got nothing to do with anything. See here for the evidence. The sentences that particularly stood out to me however were the following:

"Which is precisely why Madrid are still, yes still, in with a chance of winning the Spanish first division title for the third successive season. Which is why even after going 12 points behind at one stage and becoming a joke of a football club (and even a funnier joke than Valencia CF) they can still redeem themselves."

I like Real Madrid. I'm not a fan of them, but I like them. To call them a joke is beyond all explanation, because it wasn't that any of the La Liga teams were playing badly at the time. It's just, Barcelona really were THAT good. But the next part - that made me want to lash out and punch a hole through the nearest wall. Where the fuck do these people get off calling Valencia a joke of a football club?! They may not have the glamourous history the likes of Real Madrid and Barca do, and they may not be the most consistent of teams, but they try the best they can with the resources they have. Which resources, for the record, you assholes, have been pretty much nothing for the past god knows how long.

I personally don't appreciate the team I support being referred to as a joke. Of any kind. And to be quite frank, I don't find their situation in the slightest bit amusing. But of course, assholes like that guy wouldn't know that because they're not in it for the game, but rather for the money and the glamour the game brings with it. And you know, I'd like to point out that for a 'joke' of a team, Valencia did a pretty good job of showing Barca how football is SUPPOSED to be played when the two sides met on Saturday night. Only a fucking idiot referee stood between them and victory. Well, the referee and a certain blond defender who goes by the name of Alexis...

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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Story of the game last night...

Well, this pretty much sums up the game last night in tweets:

I'm late on this cos I was doing other stuffs, but FUCK YOU ROYALLY BARCA!!

FUCKING REFEREE FAIL! HOW was neither of those things a PK? You hijo de puta!

I AM HAVING A MENTAL BREAKDOWN!! WTF happened to HOME advantage. The Mestalla is IN VALENCIA, I'm sure of it. I just went there a week ago.

OMG, Alexis in defence is killing me today. He's just...FAIL.

Are you shitting me? Messi against 4 defenders and he pwned them ALL and ran half the length of the pitch?

YES YES YES! Stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it!!!


Heeey, way to go Ruano, you got your defending skillz back a little.

How is it when Valencia players are diving they need to be booked, but it's fucking FINE when Messi does it?

OH FFS REF! Fouls go both ways yes? You give some to Barca and more to Valencia, it's at THE MESTALLA!!!!

(And then this is the point at which I lost my sanity a little)
Uuunnnfffffff Vicente. ILY bb.

FUCK YOU SO MUCH BARCA! I curse you all to die of a horrible flesh eating virus tha will slowly eat away your soul. Just. fuck you.

FAIL! I hate life. Barca, you're so fucking SELFISH. You don't even NEED those points, my boys do dammit!!

I am going to sit down and rewatch the game later today, or possibly tomorrow, and then I'm going to do a proper match report on it, because I have the feeling that if I do one now, I'll miss about half of the stuff that actually happened because I was too busy being a batshit crazy gibbering idiot the first time around.

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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Mmm, thigh.

I think this has been designated national 'Kill Gina' day. First Ruano's tattoo, now this? Oh Valencia. You kill me. That silence - that was my heart stopping.

Yep, really officially 'Kill Gina' day. Thank you twin. That's twice in two days you have successfully made my heart stop in its tracks.

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Do I even need a reason?

I love his tattoos. And this pic killed me. I haven't quite recovered the ability to function properly, because really, showing me this at 10pm when I have to finish roughly 3000 words of dissertation was a killer move, twin. If I fail, I'm holding you responsible :P
I kid, I kid. It's my own stupid fault for going extensively fangirl and forgetting that to survive, you need to do this thing called breathing.

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Freedom until the end of May

And then...well, I'm sure I'll do another of these blogposts full of panic about something or another and missing certan deadlines. I've had how long to do this dissertation, and I left it to the last minute. As usual. It is now 2.33am and I have JUST typed the last word. I am free until the end of May when the next assignment is due. *sigh*

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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Holiday run down - part 4!

The visit on day four was to La Cuidad de las Artes y de las Ciencas (The City of Arts and Sciences - not that you couldn't guess that yourselves :P) and for the first time since we'd arrived, we used the public transport to get somewhere because my back was dead beyond all revival hopes. I was at the point whereI had to sit down practically every twenty minutes or so. The first place we visited there was L'Oceanografic, which is basically the aquarium. There was lots to see, but the fish were pretty hard to take pics of because they kept moving so fast and my brain wasn't sending the message to my finger fast enough to take the pic.

I saw Dory fish! It only took me about 500 attempts to get this pic, and even then, it was all blurry because obviously, fish move.

We also went to see the dolphin show, which was pretty cool. I've seen plenty of those in my time, but this one was seriously amazing because theyre were 10 dolphins in it, the most I'd seen before was 4.

There was also some pretty cool sharkies, which I quite enjoyed because I like sharks. Even if they are quite unattractive animals with horrid teeth.

I also took a pic of a freaky crab type thing, it was seriously huuuuge. I'm glad it was in a tank behind glass because it scared me a little.
My personal favourite animals of the day were the penguins, but my dad had the camera then and the photos he took are a total fail for the most part. Boo.

After that, we walked around for a bit until it got to 4 pm, when we were due to go and see a movie at L'Hemisferic, the IMAX cinema. It was just under an hour long and it was about the Alps. It was the first time I'd ever been to an IMAX cinema and I really enjoyed it. The movie was pretty good too, I love mountains and the scenes filmed in the Alps were nothing short of breathtaking. While we were watching the movie, we managed to escape from the rain outside which I was quite thankful for, because my hair does not agree much with the rain.

The buildings in the City of Arts and Sciences are all really modern, and they're all pretty interesting shapes. L'Hemisferic is designed to look like an eye at night, really clever design, but sadly, I didn't get to see it to take a pic, I just saw it on postcards. Still, here's some pics of the various areas during the day.

On the way home, we walked back through the old riverbed, which has been transformed into public gardens and it is a nice escape from the busy city streets. I wanted to go and check out the shopping center that was literally a two minute walk from the hotel, but by the time we got back, I was so tired, I literally just about made it back to the room before falling asleep. I woke up at some point in the evening only to find that they weren't showing either CL game on the telly, so I watched some nature program about insects, during which they insisted on showing close ups of grasshoppers every few minutes. I almost died and not in a good way.

The next day was my final day in Valencia, and I had wanted to go and stalk the players at training, but that kind of fell through when I realised I didn't have the training details with me, so I guess that'll just have to happen next time I go, right? Instead, I met up with Sarah at the Museo de las Ciencias Príncipe Felipe and we went into the town center to do some more touristy stuff there, but that blog post will be up later today or tomorrow.

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Holiday run down - part 3!

So, after the Mestalla tour, we still had pretty much half the day left to do some exploring. Because the weather was nice, we decided to head to the beach to check it out. By this point, my feet were aching, and I was pretty sure my back was going to cave in on itself but I still battled on.

The first thing I spotted (from quite a way off) were the Spanish and Valencian flags.

From there, there was a pedestrian area next to the beach where we walked down for a while seeing as neither one of us was suitable dressed for sunbathing. Across there, we walked past several of those sand sculptor people, and I got my dad to take a pic of one of them because it was really interesting the way he had decorated it with various things.

We also walked past one of the many hotels on the seafront. This one just happened to be a five star hotel, and judging by the outside, it was pretty pricey one.

Finally, we took some snaps of the actual beach and the sea because it was all pretty and blue and calm.

After that, we headed back to out hotel for lunch, after which I fell asleep. I just barely managed to wake up in time for the football, and of course, this being in Spain, they were showing the Barca game. Not that I'm complaining, I didn't particularly want to see the Liverpool game because I'm a pretty sore loser, and even though I had faith in the boys, I didn't thik that would be enough to get them through seeing as the needed to score at least three goals to have a chance of staying in the competition. Typical of my luck really that the most entertaining game I remember hearing about in recent CL history was the one time I was in a country where nobody was showing it. Boo.

After the football finished, I wanted to go back into town for a little while, but as soon as I tried to drag myself back to my feet, my back finally packed in on me, and I had to make do with an early night instead, with the next day's plan already made.

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