Friday, 30 January 2009

The Liverpool skillz train...

Ok, so when I did the Valencia post, I promised I would do a Liverpool one too, and this is it. First off, we can start with a recent bit of skill, because it is practically orgasmic.

That goal has got to be one of the best worked things I have ever seen. Nando's ball control, Stevie's composure. Just guh. I love them.

Anyway, one of my favourite playes in the squad is without a doubt Fernando Torres. He has skills beyond what is expected of any striker. He's capable of scoring, yes, but that's not all he does for the team. He is tall and strong, able to hold off defenders and in his first season in the Premier League, he was on fire. He became the highest scoring foreign player in a debut season, proving his class with a range of different goals. He was also one of the most important players for his country at the Euros. He scored the winning goal in the final, ensuring Spain got their first silverware for 44 years.

And of course, you can't mention skillz without mentioning Steven Gerrard. The midfielder has often been the saving grace for Liverpool, with influential performances in the games that truly mattered. He makes last ditch tackles, scores goals, commands the midfield and all with ease. There's no wonder he's a fans favourite with performances that win his team games and boost morale.

Then we have Xabi Alonso. Easily one of the best passers in the game, Liverpool's midfield suffers without his presence. In the CL winning season, the partnership he formed with Gerrard saw them control games from midfield, and his dip in form coincided with a poor run for Liverpool too. As well as this, he scores from his own half.

And then we have Daniel Agger. Due to injuries, we've not seen much of Dagger in the past season and a half, but his talent and importance to the team are undisputed. He is also capable of unleashing a fierce shot, as West Ham will tell you. Or you could just watch this:

There's basically so many skillful players in the Liverpool team, I would find it virtually impossible to show them all, but that doesn't mean I rate them any less. Pepe has been our most consistent keeper for years, the rest of the defence is solid and does a great job keeping the goals out, and the midfield is one of the best in the Prem on their day.

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Gina can make gifs :D

I finally learnt how to make gifs, and I am really rather proud of myself. I am also a teeny bit obsessed with it right now. This is especially for VanillaBear ;)
The rest will follow soon I guess, I need to go revise for an exam on Monday.

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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Midweek round up

Liverpool. Oh Liverpool. Why do you insist on doing this to me? Do you hate me so much, that you make me suffer despite the fact that I have NEVER given up on you? I mean, fucking Wigan. Come on boys. Sort it out, this just ain't good enough. Without a win in 2009, that is beyond pathetic. And as for Rafa and his bizzare decisions of late. Ugh. Rafa, I believe in you. I know you can perform miracles. Just please don't let it get to the stage where you NEED to be performing them. Not every fan is as patient and understanding as the Kickette girls, and quite frankl;y, they want to see results. Subbing your best players in a game we should have won comfortably but were never really close to is not the way to go about it. Especially when there was no apparent reason for you to do so. I mean, I get that there's the Chelsea game at the weekend, but what's the point in having all your players fit at the end if they have nothing left to fight for. Liverpool have lost far too many points this season from drawing against teams they really should have beaten. The inconsistency of this team kills me sometimes. I know they can do it, so why don't they? They went ahead through a brilliant goal by Yossi Benayoun from a virtually impossible angle. It was all going swimmingly until Lucas felt the need to give away a penalty. I don't understand why, with people like Xabi Alonso on the bench, Lucas was even on the pitch to begin with. That moment of stupidity he had could potentially cost his team the title shot this year, and I hope he realises that. I hope Rafa realises it too because I am at my wits end when it comes to Liverpool. They need to pull their fingers out and realise they're not just playing for themselves, they're playing for the millions of fans that believe in them too and what they're showing right now just is not good enough.

Valencia took a 3-2 advantage into this Copa tie. The winner would get a spot in the semi final against Athletic Bilbao. However, they had to get there without there top scorer this season, Dahveed was ruled out with the muscle problem that saw him limp out of the reverse fixture last week and miss the weekend fixture against Mallorca.

They started ok, and found themselves a goal up within 7 minutes, Joaquin's corner being met by Marchena. That put them with one foot firmly in the semi finals. Cesar had a relatively good first half, and having an experienced goalkeeper behind them seemed to calm the back 4 (though still not to the extent that Marchena could avoid a booking. He was lucky not to get sent off after handling in the penalty area shortly before half time. Note to him - scoring a goal does not mean I will overlook your stupidity). Still, Sevilla levelled things up on 35 minutes. They started the game without Diego Capel, but similarly to last week, the manager felt he was needed and called him on. Sevilla look a totally different side with him on the wing.

They suffered the cruelest of fates though. Just minutes before the final whistle, the conceded a second goal. The goal that knocked the holders out of the cup and meant Sevilla progress to the semi finals. I would wish them luck, but right now, the only words going round in my head are 'fuck you'.

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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Ideas needed!

I have noticed that the blog has gradually become my dumping ground for all things football and fangirl related. Which I have no issues with...but I still think it needs a bit more to it than that. I have other things in my life that are important. I just don't really remember what they are. Anyway, this is sort of like a chance for you to let me know what you want to read about. Sensible ideas please (or not sensible, you know, whatever works. Fun is good) And nothing that will take too much work on my part. So yeah, please let me know.

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Monday, 26 January 2009

The Valencia skillz train...

Because I clearly have nothing better to do with my time (no, I really don't need to revise for the exams I have coming up...) I decided to go on a video hunt on youtube to find my fave players showing serious skillz. Now, I was lucky enough to come across one that shows my four fave Valencia boys showing skillz so I figured I'd post it. I mean, we all know I love the Valencia attack force.

David Villa is possibly one of the best strikers in the world right now. He has a natural goal scoring instinct, he can score penalties, free kicks and goals from open play. It's not just his goals that are important though, he provides many assists, he holds the ball up well and he's generally a pain in defenders' backsides. When he's not there, it is sometimes difficult to see where the goals are going to come from. That's not taking anything away from the rest of the team, but he is one of those players who defenders see on the teamsheet and shit themselves.

David Silva is possibly one of the best left wingers in Spain right now. He scores goals, he tricks his way past defenders and he wins a lot of fouls. Add in the fact that he is also more than capable of holding his own in a fight, you've got the perfect ingredients for a winger. They are potentially the most abused players on the pitch because they are the most dangerous. He was one of the players of the tournament for Spain during the Euros, but didn't get as much recognition as the other stars. Still, for his first major tournament, the boy did good.

Joaquin is easily one of the best right wingers in Spain. Valencia look a poorer side when he's not in the team, bossing the right wing. Again, he not only provides assists (and lots of them I might add) but he's also known to score the odd goal too. He really should be part of the Spain NT. There's not many players who can do it better than him, and the right wing is somewhere that could do with a little help. Him and Sergio Ramos running up and down there? Yeah, I'd hate to be the defender having to deal with that...

And then...then we have Vicente. I don't even know where to begin with him. Before he got injured, he was the best left winger in Spain. Nobody came close. He had the speed, the agility, the skillz, just the whole package. He was a joy to watch. That's not to say anything has changed, he's still one of my favourite players. He still bosses the left wing when he plays. Injuries aside, he could have become the best left winger in the world, but he missed out on what were arguably his best years.

Renan is probably a good 60% of the reason Valencia had such a great start to the season. Last year, they were missing a class goalkeeper who could bail the defence out when they needed it. And as much as it pains me to admit, the Valencia defence does need bailing out a lot. He makes some absolutely impossible saves and the team looks a lot more solid at the back when he's in goal. They've conceded far fewer goals this year than they did last year with more or less the same defence.

There's not all that many videos of the defence. Probably because they're not a very skillful bunch. I mean, sure, they defend, but there's no trickery, no noticable skillz like the strikers and midfielders. Probably just as well. It won't do to have them screw everything up because they decide to try about 40 stepovers with a striker from the opposition snapping at their heels. For the most part, they do the job they're paid to do and stop the goals going in.

Coming up next...The Liverpool Skillz train.

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Friday, 23 January 2009

I need a moment. Or ten.

That is all.

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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Holy shmuck!

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I think I'm going to have to learn to breathe all over again. Footballers swearing is hot. Hot footballers swearing? Cardiac arrest. For real.

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Midweek round up

Ok, this is a day late again. Sorry :S

Anyway, my thoughts on the game last night. Erm...Valencia played well. They scored a very early goal thanks to a defensive error from Sevilla. Sadly, the goalscorer hobbled off just 10 minutes later. I'm kind of pissed off about it really. He knew his hamstring wasn't quite right because he felt it in the last game and asked to be subbed off, but still felt he was fit for the Copa game, and well...look how that turned out. Then again, I can understand it in a way. Every footballer wants to play every minute of every game, it's built into them. *sigh* Somebody please ban hamstrings?

Anyway, that seemed to make Valencia lose momentum. Yes, Joaquin andVicente were owning the wings, but not much was happening in terms of goals scored. Big thumbs up to Guaita, who was in for Renan and doing rather well for himself. He made some good saves, and he was pretty much solid at the back, which was a big relief. I don't remember the last time I was this worried over a goalkeeper missing from a team, and Renan is a pretty big part of the reason Valencia are currently top 4 in La Liga. Naturally, I was nervous about how the defence were going to cope with a relatively young and inexperienced goalkeeper behind them, but for the first 45 mintues, he was flawless.

The second half started well for Sevilla, Diego Capel came on for them and seemed to turn it around a little. Within 5 minutes of the restart, Sevilla were level, much to their delight and my disgust. Speaking of disgust...that referee! AARGH! He had me wanting to rip my hair out for the most part, he was just appalling. The number of bad decisions that have gone against Valencia in recent times makes me start to question whether the referees actually all have something against the team or whether they're actually just that incompetant. Or maybe they have it in their heads that I must die of cardiac arrest from screaming abuse for five minutes straight without stopping to breathe. At any rate, the second Sevilla goal had to be the worst piece of officiating I have EVER seen, and believe me, I have seen some bad referees in my time. The goalscorer was clearly about 350 miles offside when he got the ball, yet somehow the goal stood. Still, lets not dwell on that, eh?

Valencia are not a team to admit defeat, and they equalised after 83 minutes played. As much as I love Vicente, I have to admit that he was a little quiet in the second half, nowhere near as influential as he was in the last leg against Racing. Mata replaced him and created the second, then scored the third. Turnaround complete, they will take a 3-2 lead into the second leg in Sevilla next Wednesday.

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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Weekend round up

Ok, I realise this is a bit late. It very nearly didn't even get typed up, that is how shitty the footballing weekend was. Not ONE result went the way I wanted it to go. This isn't even going to be a proper match report, because I don't want to go into what happened in the games.

The Valencia game...yeah, total disaster. They lost (in the DYING MINUTES!!!) because Fernandes felt the need to give a penalty away and get himself sent off. Ugh. Like Valencia didn't have enough players missing. The horror started way before that though. Renan hurt himself taking a goal kick and had to be subbed off in the 40th minute. Now there's reports that he's going to be out for 4-6 weeks. Excuse me while I go cliff myself. Not that I don't have faith in Guaita. It's keeper with THAT defence? Yeah, doesn't exactly fill me with confidence. Then Dahveed asked to be subbed off in the second half because he felt a little off. He's said he'll be ok for the Copa game tomorrow though. Thank God. The one thing that baffled me more than anything though - Vicente played an absolute BLINDER against Racing. He was all over the pitch. He scored twice (the second of which effectively put Valencia through to the next round) and yet Emery left him on the bench. As if that wasn't confusing enough...he then didn't play him until the 80th minute or something equally ridiculous. I mean come on, he's one of the best left wingers in the business, you're really going to leave him on the bench when you need goals? I'm going to leave the ranting about the defence for another day. It'll probably be a long post.

And then. Then, there was Liverpool. A win would have taken them to the top of the table. They nearly got it. Yossi gave away an absolutely stupid corner in the 85th minute or thereabouts. Tim Cahill scored the equaliser from said corner. The Liverpool defence - they did a Valencia and just went missing. Well, not missing. They were there, but not one of them was marking Cahill. I mean, of all the players to leave unmarked in the box, you pick Cahill. The most dangerous player in the Everton team when it comes to set pieces, and you just leave him to score the goal that would guarantee Man U remained top. I despair sometimes, I really do. Stevie's goal was great, and was probably one of the only highlights of the game. Nando missed an absolute sitter in the first half. Robbie Keane - the less said about him, the better. You know things are bad when you see your team pay £20mil for a striker and then don't even realise he was playing until he was subbed off. Just please, sort it out boys. You're too close now to throw it all away.

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Thursday, 15 January 2009

It's spreading

The 'bitch please' is spreading. Dahveed is teaching them well. And really, I just posted this pic cos I don't want to end the Vicente droolfest just yet. Any ideas on what he's bitchfacing about? If you think of anything, please let me know, I could do with a giggle while I recover from my cold. Yes, it's still here. Yes, it's the same one I had this time two weeks ago. And it's really annoying me now. I can't even remember things any more :(

Last night, I had a dream about Vicente. It must have been a good one. Sadly, all I remember from it is the following:
I was watching the game last night and when it ended, I pushed past all the security people and ran onto the pitch and jumped on Vic's back. And he didn't have any base layers on, cos I remember kissing the bat tattoo.
If only I could remember the rest...

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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

<3 Vicente

I'm in love. It's as simple as that. He was SO good tonight. It was like having the old Vicente back, before all the injury troubles. He totally redeemed himself for that red card last week. And I loved it.

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Midweek round up

This game was just as eventful as the first leg tie between the two teams. It's going to be a short match report cos I kinda forgot to do it while watching, so now I can't remember much of what happened. Valencia scored first, some brilliant play from Vicente on the left wing leading to a penalty, which he cooly slotted away. Their lead lasted only about 2 minutes though, the next attack Racing had, they drew level. Vicente was once again the best player out there. Like that's a surprise, he has a lot to redeem and he certainly went about getting back into my good books the right way. The referee (aside from giving the PK for Valencia) was a pile of wank. Not much change there then...must be a referee thing. They clearly aren't capable of making the right decisions.

Villa came on after 60 minutes, then Fernandes and Joaquin came on after 67 minutes, but still Valencia could not find a way through. Their 'defence' was truly awful, but somehow, they were holding on and not letting any more goals in. By some miracle, they survived a few scares. Basically, the final score after 90 minutes of play was 1-1, which meant that there would be extra time in an attempt to decide the tie. If this wasn't successful, penalties beckoned. It's my least favourite part of football. Penalties have nothing to do with talent and everything to do with luck, it's a harsh and unfair way to decide a game.

Vicente played the entire 90 mins and the whole of the extra time period, which is probably the longest he's played in a while. He gave EVERYTHING and more for the team, getting himself beaten black and blue every time Valencia attacked. He got the second goal for Valencia (and took his shirt off. The ref booked him. I say it was because he had base layers on underneath. We want skin Vic!) and then Joaquin got the 3rd. It finished 3-1 to Valencia and they will meet Sevilla in the next round. Vicente can consider himself well and truly redeemed. He was my choice for man of the match, and any sane person who watched the game would say the same. ♥

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Monday, 12 January 2009


I see a pic of Nando looking like this:

Yet still, I choose to focus on this:

I don't understand. Have I really become so obsessed with short dark Spaniards, that I just ignore anyone else? And ditch the team loyalty while I'm at it? Well, if it helps, I still want Nando to win this shizz.

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I need to stop (epic post alert)

I don't even know how many of the most recent posts I've done have had something to do with Valencia in some way or another. I guess it's just because I haven't been seeing so many Liverpool games lately. I miss the CL, it needs to hurry up and come back so I can watch them play and remember what I'm missing out on. The last time I saw a Liverpool game live on the telly/internetz was Boxing Day, which is way too long ago. I know that I spend a lot of time ranting about Valencia on this blog, and this is because I see them play almost every week. Although it may not really seem like it sometimes, Liverpool are and will remain my first team. It's just that lately, I've been thinking about what would happen were they to play Valencia at any point in the future, and I think I can safely say I would not know what to do. I don't want either team to lose, but I want them both to win. Impossible, huh?

Anyway, seeing as I haven't really paid much attention to them lately, I figured I'd do a post on all my recent (and not so recent) memories of Liverpool just to let them know that I still love them and I'm still very much a fan. I guess the best place to start on this post is the beginning. I first started watching Liverpool when I was 11 years old. It feels strange that I have been following this team for nearly half my life. It all began with Michael Owen, as you will most probably remember from this post. In fact, it was so long ago, the Liverpool site doesn't even give results back that far. It starts from 1999. I became a fan in 1998. Back then, I didn't understand much about football. I think it's pretty safe to say, I understood nothing. It was just this sport I watched from time to time, but the more I watched, the more I fell in love. I don't even remember too much of my first few years as a Liverpool fan, I was still learning about the game and the players. All I seemed to care about back then was the looks, the talent didn't even cross my mind. I'll be the first to admit that when Steven Gerrard first made it into the Liverpool line up, I wasn't particularly a fan. It wasn't until the 2000-2001 season I finally started seeing past the looks and to the talent. That was the season Liverpool won the UEFA Cup, Worthington Cup (now the Carling Cup) and the FA Cup and it's probably one of the first memories I have firmly embedded. Michael Owen was still my favourite player at that time. Steven Gerrard became my new favourite the season Rafa came to Liverpool and Owen left for bigger things. The Real Madrid subs bench mainly. I never did understand that decision :(

I went to my first live game at Anfield at the start of the 2002-2003 season. Well, I say start of the season, it was actually the pre season friendlies against Lazio on 30th June 2002. I still remember the game (sadly), Lazio won 1-0. I was sat right near the match control room, and saw the goal really rather clearly. I think I swore, but that may just have been the Kop letting the Lazio players know what they thought of that scoreline. This was the season Liverpool beat Manchester United to lift the Worthington Cup. I remember watching that final, I went crazy screaming when Owen scored the second. Sadly, that year, Liverpool finished 5th, just outside the Champions League places, meaning they had to be content with a place in the UEFA Cup for the following season.

The 2004-2005 season is the next one I have big memories from. Rafa B arrived at the club from Valencia (and I think that's another reason I like Valencia so much, they gave us Rafa) and performed miracles to get Liverpool to the CL final. Who could forget that? It had everything. Drama, goals, lucky breaks. At half time, 3-0 down, I really thought that was game over. A small part of me still believed they could do something, ANYTHING to lift the cup, but I didn't think it would actually happen the way it did. I was ready to put my pyjamas on and go to bed when Gerrard got the first. I decided to sit and watch a bit more, and when Smicer got the second just minutes later, I just KNEW that cup was coming home to Liverpool for good. In a crazy 6 minutes in the second half, they got the score back to 3-3. Since then, I don't think I have been as nervous about any game. The FA Cup final the following year came close, as did the Spain-Italy shootout in the Euros in 2008, but Liverpool-Milan tops them all for me. I got so drunk that night, I think I turned up to my exams the next morning with more alcohol in my bloodstream than I had blood. Probably why I failed them really...
They finished 5th in the Prem that year, and only the CL win gave them entry to the competition the following year, on the condition they played from the very start and qualified. Everton weren't best pleased of course, but who gives a shit? They got knocked out of the first qualifying games of both the CL and the UEFA Cup. There's only two teams in Liverpool boys. Liverpool and the Liverpool reserves. The great man Bill Shankly said so himself.

Rafa's second season at Liverpool brought more silverware, this time in the form of the FA Cup. The final that is now known as the Gerrard final because our captain was immense. Say what you like about the man, but his heart and soul goes into every game he plays and you can see how much each win means to him. I would say something cliche along the lines on 'cut him open and he'll bleed Liverpool red' but er...duh! We all do. If you don't, go to the doctor. Seriously, there's something wrong if your blood is not red. The game was again, full of drama. It had many similarities to the CL final the previous season, and the scoreline was the same come the final whistle. Two seasons in English football, two trophies. Not bad going for a newbie.

The 2006-2007 season saw Liverpool once again reach the CL final, where they would once again meet AC Milan. Sadly, this game didn't quite end the same way as their previous meeting. In all fairness, Milan deserved to win the 2005 final and Liverpool deserved to win this one, so justice was served. Over that summer, the boss was busy in the transfer window and the start of 2007-2008 saw a new arrival at the club. Fernando Torres. His first season in the Prem was an absolute blinder. He was easily the best player for me personally that season. He became the highest foreign scorer in his debut season, an honour which had previously belonged to Ruud van Nistelrooy. Had it not been for Cristiano Ronaldo and his many free kicks and penalties, Torres would have been player of the season. He was outstanding in every way that mattered. And then, to top off a great season with Liverpool, he went on international duty with Spain and scored the winner in the Euro final, giving Spain their first major trophy in 44 years.

And so we get to the present season. The closest run race for the title I can remember in years. It's not just a two horse race this year. And the best thing of all...Liverpool are one of those horses. Sitting pretty at the top, they've had some memories to be proud of so far this season. Beating Man U and Chelsea for starters. This is the most points Liverpool have gotten against the other teams in the big 4 since Rafa B arrived, and there's still 3 more games to go! Fingers crossed it all goes well, and this IS the year we win #19. I know I can't wait to see how this will all pan out. Despite all the frustrations against the likes of Stoke and Fulham this year, it's the best I've seen Liverpool play in a long time. They're more confident, it's the strongest team I remember watching in my 10 years as a fan and they're hungry to win things. Ok, so that last point is not much different from other years, but this season, they're showing that hunger on the pitch and (mostly) getting the results when it matters. And when they don't, the other contenders (mostly) slip up too.

I realise this post is about 55000 words long, feel free to wake up now. I just felt the need to get all this off my chest because see for yourself how much attention Liverpool have been getting lately. Ever since I started working weekends, it's basically been...none. I promise I will try to change that.

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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Weekend round up

This is becoming a bit of a habit now, but if Liverpool insist on playing at a time I can't motherfucking watch them, then I'll just have to keep linking you up to the official match report. Sometimes, I wish I could just not bother with work, I miss my weekends.

Still, my Spanish boys are rather a lot nicer, and they play in the evenings, so I can usually catch the games. Valencia started the weekend in second and a win would see them finish there, regardless of other results. The started very brightly indeed, scoring in the first minute. In fact, I'd barely had time to change out of my work clothes and into my Valencia shirt. They were back to their counter attacking best, and the chaos of the midweek Copa del Rey game seemed to be totally forgotten. Dahveed then scored to make it 2-0, though his goal celebration had me a bit confused. Could there be another Veeyah baby on the way? The less said about that, the better I think. Mata had a goal disallowed for offside (how many times have I written THIS since the start of the season??) and Silva had several missed chances, but overall, they were the better team. Renan had a great first half, I'm choosing to ignore the few WTF moments he had. And then, just before half time...Villareal scored. 2-1 at half time.

The second half...well, Mata was fouled but no penalty was given. Ok, in all fairness, it would have been a slightly harsh PK, he did get the ball before the man. But still, bb Mata is not a climbing frame for your enjoyment, thank you. In terms of fouls and bad blood, this wasn't much like a proper derby. Sure, there were fouls, like in any regular football game, but nothing too extreme. Then Del Horno came on for Moretti just past the hour mark. Dahveed missed another good chance to score, but the lengthy close up I got of him when he got up made it all worth it. Albiol got subbed off on 72 minutes (and I really hope it's not a serious injury, he got ice on it straight away, whatever it was) which was kinda depressing, because Valencia cannot afford to lose any more defenders right now. And then, not too long after that, Silva put in a fab cross, only for Dahveed to put the ball over from about 3 yards out. Don't ask me how he managed that, it seemed a lot harder to put the ball out than to score. The nightmare happened on 76 minutes. Villareal equalised. It wasn't a nightmare for long though, Villareal had only been level for about 2 minutes when Edu scored to make it 3-2 to the home team.

Vicente and Alexis were in the crowd watching. I am still rather mad at Vic for being an idiot and getting sent off against Racing, Valencia really could have done with him out there today. But he looked hot, so I won't complain. A goalmouth scramble in 89 should have lead to a Valencia goal, but somehow, the ball stayed out. It was a very interesting game though, one of the reasons I love La Liga is that the dramz carry on right up to the final whistle. It finished 3-3 and that leaves Valencia third following Sevilla's win earlier. I just hope the teams below them lose/draw so they stay there.

And just because I feel this was a big moment for him (and we all know how I feel about that armband...) Santi was captain :D

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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Happy Birthday Silva!!

Baby Silva's growing up, he's hit 23. Shame the boys couldn't give him an early birthday present and win last night. Oh no, instead, he had to spend part of his evening calming Vicente down and telling him to get his stupid ass off the pitch before he gets into more trouble. Oh, I love that kid so much. Happy birthday bb.

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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Oh Valencia...

I'm not even in the mood to blog on the game. The whole lot was a pile of wank, and that's me being polite about it. Vicente was probably one of the best players on the pitch until he got hit by the stupid stick and got himself sent off. And no, I am not going to go easy on him just because he's one of my favourite players. What he did was downright idiotic, and I'm not happy about him being sent off, but I can't say he didn't deserve it. You kick someone in the face, whether it's accidental or not, then you deserve to go. It just makes me sad because after everything he's been through injury wise and whatnot, you'd think he'd do his best to just play the game and keep fit.

And then, less than 5 minutes later, Miguel got hit by the crazy stick. His reaction to getting a second yellow was so extreme, the manager had to go onto the pitch and haul him off before he got himself into even more trouble. I don't know exactly what went down in this game and what kind of history there is between them, but this was an ugly game, and it was an ugly Valencia performance. What they showed out there was not the Valencia I know and love and it just annoys me that they don't put everything into these games. Playing a weakened side is no excuse, they still had more than enough big name players in there to win. As it is, they were lucky not to lose and ended up basically acting like a bunch of thugs. Please sort it out for the next La Liga game boys, I can't bear watching you play like that when I know you're so much better.

Now, because I'm too annoyed to actually blog properly on this, I'm just going to leave you some pics. Stupid he may have been, but my god, the man is hot.

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Tuesday, 6 January 2009


So, I got my shirt printing today. And it's now on my shirt. I'm rather proud I coped so well, considering I had NEVER done this before. I'm sorry, they charge how much for this in the shop?

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Monday, 5 January 2009

Oh dear god.

I'm dying. Those thighs will kill me eventually. And it will be a good way to go. *goes back to hyperventilating*

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Saturday, 3 January 2009

Weekend round up

Liverpool won 2-0 today. The Stevie-Nando love in is back again. Xabi is hurt. Masch is hurt. Read about it here cos I didn't see the game so I can't comment.

Valencia started the weekend in 4th, but with a win against Atletico Madrid, they could leapfrog into second. They started the game very well indeed. They scored within 3 minutes. But the motherfucking referee disallowed it. Then they scored again on 5. The motherfucking referee disallowed it again. Then they should have had a PK on 13 mins. The motherfucking referee didn't give it. You see the pattern here, right? Finally, justice was served on 34 mins when Valencia got a PK (which ironically was a total dive. The twat ref really was THAT bad) which Dahveed promptly put away. Then Silva got a goal to make it 2-0 and Gina was kind of happy. All was going well until literally a minute before half time. Another appalling decision, a PK for Atletico Madrid. 2-1. The air turned blue around me, I honestly do not remember the last time I cursed so much during a football game. I guess Valencia bring out the best and worst in me. Anyway, to cut a long story short, if things didn't improve in the second half, I would somehow find a way to fly out to Valencia and hurt that referee.

Also, moving away from the game for a few seconds...I'm a little worried about quite what a Valencia whore I am turning into. Renan looked SO hot during the game. Dahveed IS hot. Silva is Silva, you gotta love that boy. I spent more time today drooling than anything else.Except maybe cursing...

So, back to the football. In comparison to the very exciting first half, the second half was a little slow. Valencia weren't going forward as much, there was a lot of fouling being done and it was a fiery game, but not as much goalmouth action. There were a few heart in mouth moments when Renan lost concentration and had to be bailed out by the defence. And then, on 70 minutes, Silva scored again. Words cannot describe how much love I have for him. They should have been so many more goals up at the end, had it not been for the motherfucking referee needing his brain checked over. When Vicente came on with 10 mins to go, I lost all coherent thought. It should be illegal for anyone to have shorts that short and that tight. But please, don't stop. And there you have it, they're second. I hope results go their way tomorrow night!

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Friday, 2 January 2009

Do these people never stop? At first it was annoying. Then it was saddening. Now it's just sad. Seriously, he's not leaving, that's what a contract until 2014 says. It would have to be a mammoth offer for him to actually leave, because erm...buyout clauses are a bitch. His is something like £125million worth of bitch. Just give it up already.

Also, this makes me giggle. I demand a lot of things, doesn't mean I get them. Valencia would have to be seriously shitting themselves over the financial situ to even consider letting either of these two leave.

Let me reiterate this point for those idiots in other clubs that don't quite seem to have this hammered into their heads. The Davids are not leaving. I don't want them to. They don't want to. Valencia don't want them to. Their contracts make it pretty darn difficult. That's a lot of negatives fighting against the positive of clubs like Man City who don't seem to understand the meaning of the word 'no'. Here it is for them: "no (NEGATIVE ANSWER) adverb - used to give negative answers". Now back the fuck off.

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Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy 2009!

End up like the kitty, that's what the New Year is there for. Be drunk like you've never been before! *is not a bad influence at all* I hope everyone has a great year!

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