Saturday, 28 February 2009

Thigh off - part 6!

It's the last day of the thigh off. The results of this round, and the losing 6 thigh owners' names will be posted on Thursday. Voting for part 1 is now closed. Votes for the remaining polls close on the following days:

Part 2 - Sunday 1st March
Part 3 - Monday 2nd March
Part 4 - Tuesday 3rd March
Part 5 - Wednesday 4th March
Part 6 - Thursday 5th March

Once voting has closed, no more votes will be counted, so if you want your fave thighs to get through, go and vote.

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Part 4
Part 5

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Friday, 27 February 2009

This pretty much sums it up...

Albiol on the ground. Alexis flying through the air. Cesar on the ground. Fernandes looking totally in the wrong place and not moving. The ball hitting the back of the net. *sigh* Boys, right now, I don't like you very much. I love you all. I do. But sometimes...sometimes, you make it so effing hard.

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Thigh off - part 5!

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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Midweek round up

Liverpool were amaze. I love Yossi. My thinner beaver ♥
I'm going to be sensitive to the Real Madrid fans that I know read my blog and I won't say anything else. You know where to go for the official views on the game by now anyway.

Valencia. Hmm. Unai is totally in my bad books right now. He had a massive talk with Vicente about this like 3 days ago, yet STILL he does not let the boy play. Why the fuck not? What's going on? If you can find a way to accomodate Marchena in midfield, then damn right you can make room for Vicente! Jesus.

Dynamo went a goal up. Dahveed equalised. Goal disallowed for offside. Story of my (and Valencia's) life. And then...then MARCHENA SCORED!!! He's sort of my hero right now. No, it was not a case of mistaken identity, it actually was him. So, end of the 1st half, score 1-1. All even. If it finished like this then extra time beckoned.

Of course, Valencia don't do things like that. They went 2-1 up thanks to a goal from Del Horno, and then fucking threw it away. Again. The defence needs a serious kick up the backsides, because they are letting the team down. It's all fine and dnady scoring boys, but it means fuck all if you can't stop the opposition doing the same. And so 2-2, Valencia out of the UEFA cup and left to concentrate on La Liga and getting into the top 4. If you screw this up Unai...

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Thigh off - part 4!

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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Thigh off - part 3!

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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Hai there

Staring? Me? Nah, you've got it wrong. I just lost the ability to blink is all...

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Well, that's ok Arjen. We hate you too, you diving, cheating, snivelling, pathetic excuse for a footballer. Seriously, I know babies that have better balance and don't fall over as often as you. That dive that got Pepe sent off...yeah, I still remember that.

Funnily enough, at no point in the article does he mention hating Liverpool, that's just the journalists twisting his words. But still, it's not a very nice thing to say. It's hardly their fault they were better than you and beat you twice.

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Thigh off - part 2!

You know the drill. A or B? Vote now.

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Well, this is pretty much old news. Very old news in fact. But I just wanted to go back to the days when Liverpool won things, Stevie and Xabi were very much in love and all was right in the world.

It was the kiss that sent the slash world into overdrive and all the fangirls went totally gaga over it. I was one of said fangirls. I did have the video clip of this too, but I don't remember where I've put it. Sad days :(

Oh boys. I miss those days. Please make everything better again.

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Monday, 23 February 2009

Player of the week

So, despite the idiocy of the ref, Dahveed STILL scored 4 puntos ♥
And Palop is the winner with 14.5 puntos. If Dahveed hadn't been sent off, he'd probably have won it. Ah well, I'm not complaining about Palop ;)

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No shit sherlock

So, this is what Unai had to say about the game. Erm...really? You think so? I really wasn't going to blog about this because I didn't want to basically fill this blog up with curses, but right now, pretty much every curse in the world is coming to mind. Because seriously Emery, way to state the obvious. The stats speak for themselves. 8 yellows and a red. It is no wonder this referee was punished a few weeks ago for the farce that was the Real Madrid-Osasuna game. I am however completely clueless as to why he was even allowed back. He is clearly incapable of being any good. That's not just the bitter Valencia fan in me speaking. Although that part of me has a pretty big say in this entire post. Let's start with a card by card analysis, shall we?

Alexis got booked on 18 minutes. Honestly, I would have to be deluded to say he didn't deserve that yellow, because hello, ninja kicks and using other players as a climbing frame, while funny, is not cool. And really Lexie, you've just come back from injury. Was it necessary to try and put yourself back on the treatment table? That good are they? He lost the headband in that tackle though. And sadly for Valencia, got his 5th booking of the season, meaning that he gets the privelege of sitting the next game out through suspension. Oh joy!

Joaquin then got booked on 37 minutes. I don't even know what for. Maybe pointing out to the motherfucking idiot of a referee that actually, Dahveed was hurt and the ball should have been put out of play. Ok, so it wasn't a head injury, but he hurt his neck. Poor baby had whiplash and the idiot did nothing. So apparently, now it's perfectly ok to have players going around hitting other players, because everyone except Depor and the ref seemed to think Dahveed deserved a free kick for the foul on him that meant he had to leave the pitch. Obviously, the Valencia players are going to complain when you seemingly have a personal vendetta against them FFS. Knob. Depor were playing dirty the whole game, diving around and trying to get people in trouble. Correct me if I'm wrong, but diving in an attempt to con the referee is a bookable offence, right?

As if Joaquin's yellow wasn't confusing enough, Dahveed then got booked for coming back onto the pitch without the referee's permission. I mean WTF??? He was walking up the touchline waiting for the ref to let him back on, then some motherfucker from the Deportivo bench shoves him back onto the pitch. Of course, the referee didn't see that, he just saw Dahveed on the pitch and booked him. Which begs the question - is that not what the 4th official is there for? To tell the ref what goes down if he can't see it. But it did bring a hot moment. Hot meaning Dahveed said 'puta' and we all know how I feel about that word...
My commentators were talking about how short tempered he is. Hehe, so am I. See, more MFEO material :P

Yellow card #4 was shown to Silva on 41 minutes. 3 cards in as many minutes tells you all you need to know about the referee's ability to control a game properly. Now, my dad was convinced this was worthy of a yellow, and because I didn't see it, I assumed he was right. Then I saw the 'foul' in question and it was the most pathetic thing I have ever seen in my life. Two players jumping for the ball, Silva accidentally brushed the other guys back, he goes down like a sack of potatoes clutching his face. Yes, con artistry like this DOES exist and apparently, it works! Unless you play for Valencia. In which case, you actually DO get fouled and the ref gives nothing.

69 minutes in and yellow card #5 went to Baraja. I can't really complain too much about this, Baraja didn't get the ball but he got the man. Just barely, but it was enough to be a foul. Still, the fact that the guy that got fouled stumbled on about another 5 steps before proceeding to fall flat on his face didn't do him any good in my books. I mean, if you can stay on your feet for 5 steps, you can stay on your feet full stop.

Then, on 76 minutes came Dahveed's red. This just pushed me over the edge completely. I mean come on referee. He tried to pull out of the challenge. His leg was outstretched going in for the tackle, and the second he realised he wasn't going to win the ball, he pulled his leg back. He had every right to go for the ball. His bitchface was epic. He was all 'Seriously? You're gonna send me off for THAT?' And I agree comepletely. He was sprinting and lets face it, he's no slouch. It's not like he's going to put the brakes on and stop dead straight away. The Depor players acted disgustingly, all of them immediately crowded the referee to remind him Dahveed was on a yellow already. And as for the goalie. Grow a pair for fuck's sake. Rolling around like a sissy when there was barely any contact is not cool.

Cesar got booked next, for god knows what kind of fucked up reason. He didn't foul anyone. The referee just decided to hand out yellow cards for the hell of it apparently. What an idiot. The funniest thing in all this far, 6 yellows and a red, and not a single one of these cards was shown to Marchena!

Not wanting to disappoint though, he got his obligatory yellow just a minute after Cesar got booked. Probably for protesting too much. Which again, leads me to the point that the referee needs to read up on the rules of football. As captain, he is ALLOWED to point out when the referee is being a knob and getting decisions badly wrong. Which he was for 99% of the game last night.

And then finally, we come to Michel's yellow card. This one was also deserved, because the tackle was late. So I make that 3 deserved cards out of...erm, I lost count. But it was a lot. And despite all the diving and general twatishness, Depor only had one player booked. I can think of at least 4 instances where they SHOULD have got yellows, and if you judged both teams equally, i.e. penalised Depor for the things Valencia were being called out on, the game would probably have been called off because there wouldn't have been enough players on the pitch.

Basically, the only thing that idiot referee got right in the entire game was ignoring his assistant flagging for offside for Dahveed's goal. Because really, the ball came from an opposition player. There's no such thing as offside when the opposition pass you the ball. Read up on it referees, it's useful stuff to know. At any rate, he just leapfrogged the entire list of people on my 'must hurt badly' list and took top spot. Unless somebody fucks up quite this royally in the next game I watch, I have the feeling he will be staying there for a veeeery long time.

I just have to give a special bit of attention to Depor's equalising goal because seriously, that was the most motherfucking pathetic goal I have ever seen in my life. The defending was awful. That is all.

Sorry about this whole ranting post, I just felt the need to get all of this off my chest, because they say that keeping things inside doesn't help you. I thought I'd feel better after it, but I really don't. Fact of the matter is, this was a game Valencia NEEDED to win, but their defensive frailties showed through again, and they were pretty lucky to escape with a draw after the sending off. Cesar was totally my man of the match. Without him, that would totally have been a loss.

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Weekend round up

So, this weekend was a pretty collective fail. Liverpool drew 1-1. Valencia drew 1-1. I was sad. I know I promised a proper match report today, but I really don't want to relive that. Instead, you can go here to read a fan's views on the Valencia game, and here to read the official Liverpool view on that game.

If I did do a proper report, it would consist of 'WTF?!' and 'You motherfucker' and probably even 'WHHHHYYYYYY????' so I'll spare you the whining.

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So, THAT'S how you get them to defend...

When all else fails, kick collective backside. Cesar's got this goalkeeping/motivation malarkey down to a fine art. Don't believe me? Look at the evidence:

Maybe I should try this too. Form an orderly queue boys.

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Thigh off - part 1!

Well, the pics are all going to be rather small. There's no way around that I'm afraid. I don't want the people's faces in there and basically, any bigger, the image will be all blurred.

Photobucket A vs B Photobucket

Just vote for which you prefer, A or B. Simples :D

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Sunday, 22 February 2009

So, right about now...

This pretty much sums up my mood:

Music Playlist at

Except I DO remember the last time I cried. It was about 45 minutes ago. Roughly the time I lit a cigarette and then stubbed it straight back out again. Motherfucking referees. Match report will be up tomorrow, I don't want to bother today for fear I will burst into tears again.

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Friday, 20 February 2009


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The weirdest dream EVER!

So last night, I had the weirdest, most warped dream I remember having in a long time. Actually, I haven’t had one this strange since the watermelon people. I wanted a dream about Valencia after Sarah told me about the telenova style dream she had about me and the boys, and I guess I kinda got that. But er...not exactly what I was after. Basically, it goes like this:

I was on holiday in Valencia for the weekend to watch the F1, and the place was totally deserted. Like, there wasn't a single person out on the streets during the day. I thought that was kinda strange, and I remember that even at the F1 track, it was totally empty. Thinking it was all a little bit weird, but not wanting to make a big deal out of it, I decided to go on a tour and do some sightseeing.

Anyway, as soon as the sun starts going down, all these people suddenly appear out of nowhere, and I'm all 'WTF is going on here?!' I'm sat in this restaurant, minding my own business, when this little old lady runs up to me and starts shouting 'Mistress, mistress, you're back. You came back to us'. Obviously, I'm confused as hell because I've never been there before and I certainly don't remember this little old lady, and I tell her this in a rather rude manner. Next thing I know, she's grabbing my hand and dragging me out of the restaurant and through all these back streets. I'm just thinking she's really strong and there is definitely something not right about it all.

In the end, we end up outside the Mestalla, which is a complete ruin for some reason. All that's left as a sign there was ever a stadium or a team playing there is the club crest with the bat on it. She says something in some weird language I don't understand and the bat suddenly wakes up and starts flapping it's wings. I'm stood there screaming my head off because it's not even a real bat and I'm seriously baffled by everything that's happening. Then this trap door type thing opens up behind us and she practically shoves me in there, and it closes behind us. It's like this secret world or something.

She leads me down these spiral stairs and next thing I know, I'm stuck in a room with a whole group of people I've never seen before in my life, but they all seem to recognise me, and they're doing this weird chant thing. I'm trying my best to explain that I don't have a clue what they're on about and they must have me confused with someone else. Out of the corner of my eye, I see one face that I DO recognise. He's wearing a Valencia kit and he's sort of stood back from the rest of the crowd. Anyway, I'm just about in full on panic mode by this point, I'm shrieking like mad for them to let me go and they just keep doing this chant. Eventually, this guy steps forward and holds his hand up, and they all shut up straight away. I'm thinking 'oh thank god, there's a sane person in here, he's going to let me go'. But obviously, he doesn't do that. He just holds his hand out to me, and I don't know what makes me do it, but I take his hand and then all of a sudden, I get all these flashbacks. In my head, there's all these pictures and voices that I know I recognise, and as I scan the room, I realise that all the faces and voices in my head belong to people in the room.

Anyway, turns out that the whole town basically got attacked by vampires years and years ago. A lot of them didn't survive, but those that did found refuge at the Mestalla after it was knocked down, and that's like their meeting point. And Albelda's like the head vampire. The reason this little old lady was running after me shouting 'Mistress, you came back to us' is that I was the first 'pure born' vampire, and after moving to Valencia, I'd decided that I needed a 'tribe' of my own.

The first guy I set my sights on after I moved was obviously Vicente. I broke the first rule of vampiredom and I fell in love with a non vampire. My parents weren't happy with that decision though, and they tried their best to get me to change my mind but I didn't want to. I was in love with him and that was that. They banned me from seeing him and locked me in my room for a few days. As soon as they let me out, the first place I went was to see him, but he wasn't there. I went back home and basically moped around for the whole day. Next day, I get a phone call from one of his friends saying that they'd found him in his room with bite marks on his neck and all his blood drained. I knew straight away it was something to do my parents. They pretended they knew nothing about it, and told me I'd get over him sooner or later. I try my best to forget about him and move on and a few weeks later, my parents tell me that they've found another pure born vampire, and that I basically had to marry him and I didn't have a choice in the matter.

About a week after they tell me that, the wedding happens. I don't want to be married to him though, I hate what I am and that's why I fell in love with a non vampire to start with. The night of the wedding, while everyone else is at the party, I sneak out into the night and move to a totally different country, where I know they won't find me. And I stay there for a few years, basically living life as a normal person. Then when I decide to go to the F1 race in Valencia, they all sense that I'm coming back and they know that they have to do everything in their power to keep me there. Because my parents are getting old and weak, they're getting ready to step down from the throne and seeing as I'm next in line, I have to take their place with my husband. The only rule is, there needs to be an heir for after I have to step down.

And then that's pretty much when I woke up. Seriously, it was the most random dream I have ever had. I hadn’t seen any horror movies, read any vampire related stuff or anything, this is just what my warped brain came up with. I kinda wanna know how it’s going to end though, it seemed sort of fun.

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Thursday, 19 February 2009

The thigh off!

So, starting from Monday, there's going to be a little game played on here. It's going to be a thigh off of sorts. I have 12 pics of random footballer's thighs, you may or may not be able to recognise whose they are. If you DO recognise them, please don't say who they belong to, because the point of this is to vote for the best thighs without having any team/player alleigances.

Anyway, from Monday to Saturday, I will be posting a 2 pics a day, all you have to do is vote for which thighs you think are better. The winner will go through to the next round, and this will continue until there is a clear winner. I still haven't decided what will happen when said winner is announced, I don't think that far ahead. I'm sure I'll think of something. Maybe a picspam. Sunday will be their day of rest. Thighs need care too, you know...

Get yourselves ready, because the game is starting very soon! If you don't vote, this won't work. And if it doesn't work, I'll just pick the winner myself and spam you with pics :P

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Rock, paper, scissors...

Now now boys, there's no need to fight. Seriously. I'll make time for both :P

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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Midweek round up

So, the first knockout round of this year's UEFA cup competition. Finishing second in their group meant that Valencia faced a tough draw against a team coming through from the CL. Dynamo Kiev were the home team, and they will have fancied their chances against a Valencia side missing more than half of it's regular defence. The away side needed to prove that they have what it takes to go all the way in this competition, with this being their last remaining hope for silverware this season.

It was snowing hard in Dynamo, unsurprisingly. Unai Emery fielded an arguably weakened side, with players such as Veeyah, Vicente (not that this is anything new) and Joaquin on the bench at the start. Having said that, it was still a more than strong enough starting 11 to be in with a chance. The game started off fast and furious, Silva getting fouled within 2 minutes. Thankfully, he was fine, and believe me, there'd have been trouble if he wasn't! He got fouled again just 3 minutes later. Seriously, stop picking on the boy. Some absolutely shocking defending nearly led to the Dynamo opener after 7 minutes. Thankfully, the ball was too high and the danger had passed. For now. Against the run of play, just a minute later, some great play on the wing from Mata led to the opening goal. Silva was perfectly placed to slot the ball into the back of the net after Mata's brilliant pass. It was a precious away goal, but still nothing was certain. In recent times, Valencia have often found themselves a goal up early on, only to let it slip later in the game. Living up to their rep, the defence was all over the place, and Dynamo nearly equalised twice within the space of two minutes, only luck keeping the score at 1-0 for the away team. After a very busy first 15, the game seemed to quieten down a little. Valencia were getting kicked all over the pitch by Dynamo (and shock horror, the referee gave nothing. Story of my life). Dynamo again came close to equalising on 25 minutes, a foul by Albelda leading to a free kick, which was well taken by Cesar. Valencia were still on the attack though, and missed a great chance to go 2-0 up after 29 minutes. Having watched their defensive frailties lately, it was vital they got another goal, but they had to be careful of leaving the defence exposed. As the game wore on, the defence grew in confidence. Another nervy moment followed on 32 minutes, Cesar blocking a shot, but the ball rebounded into the path of a Dynamo player, who thankfully put the ball wide. The first yellow card of the game was finally shown to a Dynamo player after 36 minutes. About effing time and all, I'd lost count of how many times I'd seen Valencia players picking themselves up off the floor.

The second half started a little shakily for Valencia. Cesar spilled the ball, again giving Dynamo a chance to equalise, but again, they did not take it. Valencia had to stop riding their luck like this though, eventually they would get punished for their mistakes. Albiol gave away a free kick in a very dangerous position about 5 minutes into the half, but thankfully, the wall did it's job and stood firm. Silva was continually getting kicked about, and the referee didn't seem to want to do anything about it. Bastard. And so it goes, despite my numerous warnings, Valencia conceded the inevitable goal. Sure, it was a handball, but when did the referees ever care about small details like that? I mean, they gave a goal for Sevilla even though the guy who scored it was miles offside. And then, as if this referee hadn't fucked them over enough already, he booked Silva. Yes, it was a yellow card, but still. The boy has been fouled HOW many times?? Anyway, while I was busy being all angry about that, the referee sent off a Dynamo player (the goalscorer from what I gathered) for a second booking. Fear me, referees. Having seen enough, Unai brought on the big guns. Well, one of them anyway. Veeyah replaced Silva on 60 minutes, the latter already on a yellow and with a fiery temper, it was a good decision by the Valencia manager. Minutes later, Joaquin was coming on for Pablo.

With 15 minutes to go, it wasn't looking too great for Valencia, the curse of the defence had struck again (although in all fairness, this time, it wasn't their fault) and even against 10 men, they were struggling somewhat. The referee was getting more and more card happy as time wore on. Valencia should have had a PK when Del Horno was hauled down, but apparently, that's not enough anymore. Baraja came on for Fernandes with 10 minutes left as Valencia looked to keep the score the way it was. I had a heart attack or ten when Cesar went down, especially seeing as Valencia had already made all three substitutions. Things were going from bad to worse for them. Thankfully, he was able to continue and Valencia kept enough posession to avoid him having to make too many movements that would expose his injury. An offside decision and a Dynamo substitution later, and it was all over. An awful decision from the referee to allow a clear handball as a goal costing Valencia the game. Though in all fairness, they should have done much better against 10 men for half an hour. Unai didn't play Vicente - again. This confused me because he's fast. Really fast. He'd have caused some serious problems for the Dynamo defence. Then again, at least he was wrapped up warm and at less risk of catching a cold...
The return leg is in just over a week's time. Fingers crossed for a Valencia win then.

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Monday, 16 February 2009

And I'm a brunette again

And there's still a slight reddish tinge to my hair :(

I mean, not that I mind, I just wanted to be a full on brunette. Well, at least I didn't end up forgetting to wash the dye out and looking like a full on vamp this time.

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Hottie box update

So I was thinking about this long and hard today and I realised that the only way I could do this fairly was to have three boxes. Let's face it, otherwise, my box of hotties would basically consist of only Valencia boys, and that's not really very fair to everyone else. So, basically, the three boxes are Valencia boys, Liverpool boys and all other men. And it was still tough to narrow down. I tried to keep it to 5 people per box, but well...Valencia just have too many hot guys, and I am determined to live up to my rep as the Valencia whore :P

Here we go. First under the spotlight - The other men. Just because.
#1 - Edilson. Yeah, I think the pics of this man can say it better than any words I could get down here.

#2 - Xavi. Yes, he's that high. No, don't ask. I can't explain it. He

#3 - Gennaro Gattuso. I don't even know what it is about him. He's just hot in that animalistic kind of way. Leave me alone ok, I have weird tastes.

#4 - Alexandre Despatie. Like he needs a reason. He spends half his life in speedos. Really tight ones. Guh.

The last position took the longest to figure out. I wanted so many guys in here. I knew cutting down to just 5 guys would be a tough task, I just didn't think it would be THIS hard. Anyway, after much thought, I decided on this:

#5 - Fernando Verdasco. The epic hottie showdown. That's all I need to say.
The main reason behind this decision was that I didn't want to just fill this up with a whole bunch of footballers. Although this box is likely to change as soon as MCR release their new album and I start seeing Frank Iero on my telly again.

Then we have the Liverpool box of hotties.

#1 - It HAS to be Stevie. There's just no other guy that means as much to me in the team. I mean, I love all the boys, but he is way clear at the top.

#2 - Daniel Agger. I will be heartbroken if Liverpool let him (and his tattoos) leave. He's hot and he's good.

#3 - Xabi Alonso. Well, if Stevie loves him, he's good enough for me :P

#4 - Fernando Torres. Well, it wouldn't really be a list without him in it. He's more cute than hot really, but his footie skillz - now they're hot.

#5 - Javier Mascherano. Yes, another one that I just can't explain. He's short. And probably not generic hot. But all the same...

And finally, my favourite box of all. Valencia :D

#1 - Vicente. Ok, so if I wanted to be petty, I'd say he's joint first with Dahveed, but I don't, so yeah, he's #1. It's only fair. Without him, I wouldn't support Valencia and I wouldn't be able to do this box.
#2 - Dahveed Veeyah. I need to go into the reasons behind this again? Just click here for a recap.
#3 - David Silva. He's just all over general cuteness. And when he has stubble, he transforms into uber hottie.
#4 - Raul Albiol. Because even if he does score own goals and make babies halfway through the season, he is hawt.
#5 - Joaquin. I don't even know when this crush hit me, but it hit HARD. So hard in fact, he's currently top 5 material!
#6 - Alexis. His tattoos just kill me. Seriously, they're uber hot. I'm possibly slightly too obsessed with them.
#7 - Carleto. I'm totally over the fact he is 19, it's not that big an age gap. He'll be 20 soon, and then I won't feel so bad for crushing on a teenager.
#8 - Renan. I can't help it. He's hot in motion, but not in pics, so don't judge.
#9 - Hugo Viana. He doesn't get to play much, but that doesn't stop him being hot, and it doesn't stop me fangirling over him.
#10 - David Albelda. He'd probably have been higher than this if it wasn't for the shiny naked photoshoot...

Before I have to go and have a realllly cold shower, can I just say how hard it was to stick to just 10 Valencia boys. Am I too much of a Valencia whore?

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Welcome to the Black Parade

Seeing as this is the 'in' thing and all the cool kids are doing it, I figured I may as well try it too.

1. Put your iTunes (or any other media player) on Shuffle
2. For each, press the NEXT button to get your answer.
3. You must write that song name down no matter how silly it sounds.
4. Tag 10 friends who might enjoy this memo.

What's My Age Again (Blink 182)

Let's Get Retarded (Black Eyed Peas)

Teenagers (MCR)

The End (Simple Plan)

Evolution (Korn)

Karazy (Chris Pontius)

Maybe Tomorrow (Stereophonics)

Starcrossed (Ash)

Never Say Never (The Fray)

Wait and Bleed (Slipknot)

Promiscuous (Nelly Furtado)

Spitting Games (Snow Patrol)

Bliss (Muse)

Far Away (Nickelback)

Numb (Pet Shop Boys)

Throw It On Me (Timbaland)

You Really Got A Hold On Me (The Beatles)

Helpless When She Smiles (Backstreet Boys)

When The Sun Goes Down (Arctic Monkeys)

La La (Ashlee Simpson)

Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own (U2)

The Bad Touch (Bloodhound Gang)

November Rain (Guns 'n' Roses)

Don't Bother (Shakira)

Knife Blood Nightmare (Aiden)

Don Quixote (Pencey Prep)

Tonight, Tonight (The Smashing Pumpkins)

There Is No If (The Cure)

Welcome to The Black Parade (MCR)

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Player of the week? Right this way...

Ok, I'm going to pinch this idea from Vanilla Bear, who has come up with a system where she has a reward for her best performing player of the week in her La Liga FFT. I don't know what that reward is, but it's bound to be good seeing as some of the players in her team just keep winning it...

Anyway, I'm going to start doing it properly from this week, but I suppose going back through the weeks to mention all of the previous winners would be a good idea. I mean, they helped me get to where I am (5th is total phail btw, I was supposed to know about La Liga!).

The previous weeks winners are as follows:
Week 1 - Dahveed Veeyah (17 puntos)
Week 2 - Dahveed Veeyah (13 puntos)
Week 3 - Juan Mata (17 puntos)
Week 4 - Dahveed Veeyah (28 puntos)
Week 5 - Dahveed Veeyah (28.5 puntos)
Week 6 - Andres Palop (12 puntos)
Week 7 - Dahveed Veeyah (25.5 puntos)
Week 8 - Cisma (13 puntos)
Week 9 - Santi Cazorla (17.5 puntos)
Week 10 - Santi Cazorla (9 puntos)
Week 11 - Juan Mata (11 puntos)
Week 12 - Ivan Marcano (19 puntos)
Week 13 - Dahveed Veeyah (13.5 puntos)
Week 14 - Diego Castro (6.5 puntos)
Week 15 - Sergio Aguero (15 puntos)
Week 16 - Dahveed Veeyah (14.5 puntos)
Week 17 - Ivan Marcano (15 puntos)
Week 18 - Dahveed Veeyah (19.5 puntos)
Week 19 - Dahveed Veeyah (18.5 puntos)
Week 20 - Guiseppe Rossi (19.5 puntos)
Week 21 - Dahveed Veeyah (22.5 puntos)
Week 22 - Dahveed Veeyah (9 puntos)

And finally, we come to this week. And the winner is...Dahveed Veeyah, with 16.5 puntos.
Well, was there ever any doubt? Clearly he wants to keep me happy...

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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Holy thigh!

*discretely wipes drool*

Oh Grouchie. You had me at hello.

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If you needed proof they're clearly in love...

Look at the way they are totally ignoring Joaquin. Poor guy. *pets him* He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. And this picture is exactly the reason the Davids HAVE to stay. One of them leaves, the other will mope. It's just not on. You can't get in the way of true love.

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International round up

So it was a game that everyone had been looking forward to for quite some time. Had it not been for my rescheduled exam, I am sure that I would have been there watching it live. As it stands, I had to make do with watching the game on the telly with some quite blatant bias in favour of England, who were quite simply outclassed on the night.

The away team started out brightly enough, they had their share of the possession and they were holding their own against Spain. However, as the game wore on, it became more and more clear that England's makeshift side (enforced by injuries to kepy players such as Steven Gerrard) were not equal to Spain, and the hom team began to dominate possession and the midfield. On 36 minutes, they were 1-0 up. Xabi Alonso threaded a beautiful pass to Dahveed, who turned Jagielka inside out before calmly slotting the ball past David James. Say what you like about him, but for any striker to score in 6 consecutive internationals, that's some achievement. And his footwork for the goal was just out of this world amazing.

He was just all over the pitch, and I am so proud that it was my boys that created that goal. Veeyah would work pretty well at Liverpool. I just really don't want him leaving Valencia. Even though seeing this every week...that would be great.

The two Davids didn't get to play together, Silva came on for Veeyah after 56 minutes. It was kind of upsetting. They didn't even hug properly :(
The other Fernando scored the second after 82 minutes, but it was only adding insult to injury. The game had already been won. The Spaniards were so confident in their own ability, they played the final 5 minutes with 10 men. Ok, so not through choice. They'd made the allowed number of substitutions already and Llorente injured himself. No matter, they dealt just fine, thank you. Marchena even defended. HE DEFENDED!!!!

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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Just because

He should have made the Spain squad. No, not because he's a Valencia boy. Though if you ask me, that should be reason enough. He's good. Better than anybody else they could put out on the right wing. And worth a damn sight more than €1!

Pay attention Del Bosque! The best two wingers in Spain play for Valencia. It's about effing time you woke up and realised that. Spain could do with the width.

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Ok, I know this is wrong...

But hai Carleto! God. That. Boy's. Legs!! They're like so many different levels of amazing. I don't even want to say anything else. He's 19. NINETEEN!!! I'm going to hell. Anyway, enough of my blabber. Here's pictoral evidence:

Ok, yes I realise Vicente is in the last one. There's a reason for that. I don't feel quite so guilty perving over him. And you know...I didn't even NOTICE Carleto's thighs at first because I was so busy staring at Vicente. Yes, I'm obsessed. So shoot me.

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Spain vs England!

So, big game on tonight, as I'm sure you all knew anyway. I'm going to be totally torn. My head tells me I should cheer for England, but my heart tells me to go for Spain. It totally sucks, because really, I don't want either team to lose. If possible, I'd have liked both teams to win. Obviously, the Liverpool and Valencia contingent in the Spain NT makes my decision a little easier. Everybody knows I am club over country. I just hope all of my boys make it back home in one piece. Any injuries and there will be hell to pay. I'm sick and tired of seeing these 'international friendlies' leading to weeks on end with key players missing. I'm especially worried about both strikers, seeing as Liverpool basically don't function without Nando and Valencia don't function without Veeyah. And the entire England defence is made up of Man U and Chelsea players. We all know who the title fight is between. Torres gets injured, give the Prem to Liverpool because if that's not sabotage, I don't know what is.

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Monday, 9 February 2009

Uni work sucks

I have one more coursework to hand in tomorrow, and then the next one after that isn't due in until mid March. My exams are now out of the way, so pretty soon, I will be freeeee. Well, maybe not free exactly, I still have loads of lectures and stuff. And a disseration to write. But other than that, I'm pretty much free.

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Weekend round up

Sorry this is late again. I only just got to watch the Liverpool game and I didn't want to write one of these without being fully informed. Before that, I'd only seen the goals. Liverpool were rather baffling to start with, it was mostly the babies starting. Ok, so not mostly the babies, there was actually a lot of first teamers. But there were 6 defenders to start with. SIX of them!! I don't think Pompey's strikers are that good, and if they are...why the heck did we sell Crouch to begin with?

Anyway, the first half was sort of boring. The six defenders were doing a good job of keeping Portsmouth from scoring, but the lack of firepower was painfully obvious as they went in at half time 0-0. There had been several missed chances already, but it was good to see Agger and Skrtel playing together. That's a partnership for the future. Babel missed an absolute sitter with 58 minutes gone, completely missing the ball. The redeeming factor for him was that he was deemed to be offside, so the goal wouldn't have counted anyway had the ball gone in. Just minutes later, Liverpool went behind, David Nugent scoring after 62 minutes and taunting the Liverpool fans by holding up fingers to indicate the scoreline in the defeat to Everton. Smug bastard was laughing on the other side of his face later.

Pompey's lead didn't last too long, a back pass from Crouch which James handled leading to an indirect free kick, which Aurelio calmly slotted in. 1-1 with 22 minutes of play remaining. Dirk Kuyt scored a goal that should have put Liverpool a goal up, but it was wrongly disallowed for offside. The golden boy of the moment came on with 15 minutes left and those 15 minutes were Liverpool's strongest. Despite the fact they went 2-1 down just minutes after his introduction, a Hreidarsson header restoring their one goal advantage. With 12 minutes left on the clock, Liverpool were facing only their second defeat of the season. However, this team does not know when to give up. Kuyt scored from an impossible angle on 84 minutes after some great work from Torres. The momentum was on Liverpool's side, and nobody was really too surprised when Torres scored the winning goal in the 92nd minute, a wonderful header creeping past David James' outstretched hand and into the back of the net. 3-2, all three points to Liverpool and top of the table for at least a day.

As for Valencia...bullshit. That's all I can say about that. 1-0 to Osasuna. Unai continues to baffle me by leaving Vicente on the bench despite the fact that when he came on in the final 20 minutes, they were Valencia's strongest minutes. The defence was fab for 89 minutes. The one minute they lost concentration, they got punished. Just pull it out of the bag next week boys. It's Valentines day. You owe me some romance after all the shit I put up with from you.

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Friday, 6 February 2009

Friday, I'm in love...

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Thursday, 5 February 2009


This is my message to Everton: Free Smiley Face Courtesy of

This is my message to ITV: Free Smiley Face Courtesy of

This was my mood last night: Free Smiley Face Courtesy of

And this was my mood on hearing the news about Stevie this morning: Free Smiley Face Courtesy of

Basically, those few smilies sum up the football. I can't even make a proper comment on it. Read here for the official match report. If you can bear it.

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