Wednesday, 28 October 2009

All hail the idiot football fans...

The gems of wisdom are right this way...

"villa said the only club he wil join in england iz LIVERPOOL. . .i think he should wait till the end of the season,n rafa might have the cash to sign hm with prince faisal arriving. Voronin can be added to the deal. :)"

Erm, I don't want Voronin, thanks. And that is so not a fair exchange. Plus, Liverpool can't afford Veeyah's weaker foot, never mind the complete package...

"Ferguson is forever smart. this is the ONLY perfect time to buy Villa. because the rest of the clubs have enough of scoring powers. who else is gonna buy Villa if you say Valencia are eager to sell now? That is exactly why the price is so low, but we can't trust this figure yet because it is most likely not right. but i'd say valencia won't be willing to sell Silva."

Valencia aren't willing to sell either, idiot. They just might not have a choice. Though if they do, you can bet your ass on the fact it won't be for a measly £40mil.

"seems that so many people don't understand the word 'cash strapped' and 'need to sell' they're like 'they're worth bla bla bla'.. well whatever theyr'e worth, they're at a disadvantage now, and only MANU have the resources to purchase them, since madrid is already mounted with debts.. hehehe.. now THATS my fergie"

Seems like THIS idiot doesn't understand that Valencia may be cash strapped and need to sell, but they're not going to let their two biggest stars go for a pathetic amount of money. They're cash strapped, not mentally retarded.

"i think the players realise they have gone the distance with Valencia and the club itself really needs to cash in and strengthen thier squad - its a shame tho"

Er, that would be why both have pledged their future to Valencia is it? You don't sign an extension to a contract to keep you at a club until 2014 if you want to leave the next year fucktard.

"I like Valencia as a club, dont get me wrong, but this two lads deserve tO win some medals and ManUnited is the write place for such a stuff. C,mon Villa and Silva, be smart and come to EUROPIAN CAPITAL OF TROPHYS"

Firstly, learn to fucking spell. Secondly, it's not that long ago Valencia were winning things. Thirdly, they're in it for the FOOTBALL not the money and trophies (though I'm sure the latter would be nice...) so they're not going to drop their morals for some shiny things.

"to all the loserfool fans who are sayin dream on mancs and stuff money isnt the only criteria good 4 u coz ur bankrupt in necase u need to sell players to buy so for those 2 to come u will have to sell gerrard and torres ha ha but ur forgtn 1 thing silva himself said he wants to join manutd!!!!!!!"

Silva said no such thing, asshole. He said he was flattered a club like Man Utd was interested in him. Doesn't quite translate into the same thing. Also, both guys have said they'd prefer to stay in Spain if they have to leave Valencia. Manchester is not in Spain. And I'm no idiot, I realise Liverpool isn't either. However, it's a damn sight closer than you're ever going to be.

"silva is the best with no doubt but villa is 28 and is not worth it,i guess aguero is the best option"

Just...LMAO at this entire statement. Being 28 (and he's actually still 27 buttwipe, get your facts right) does not mean you're not a good enough player. Dahveed Veeyah is currently one of the best strikers in the world, he has a phenomenal strike record and every single team wants him leading their front line. You only don't think he's worth it because you know you've got no chance of getting him. Reality bites.

"Look at all MU haters...hahah. No..No that can't be true. hahah. You scared? of course you are. You thought SAF was just going to sit on all that money. You know big signings were coming and yeah Chealse don't get your hopes up for the title. I believe the deal will be made for around 50 mil. Valencia is hurting and they don't want to sell to their competitors RM and Barca. Glory Glory..."

THIS is the exact reason I have an intense dislike of most Man Utd fans. Glory hunters are not proper football fans. Fact. There's not going to be a deal for £50mil because Valencia aren't stupid. They know how important these two are to the team. Secondly, I'm sure they'd rather sell to someone who will give a lot more money seeing as they're in 'dire financial straits'. Besides, RM and Barca, not exactly direct competition for Valencia right now. Try Sevilla, Villareal, Atletico etc...

"Thats what they are worth, what have they done in their careers? Won euro 08 and thats all, no c.l. or the competition in spain. They are not worth anything, besides villa now is 27. Valencia rejected 47 € from barca because the teams are in the same competition, u dont want to sell a player to your rivals, that would be bussines that hurts yourself, u cant compansate that with money... pep didnt fire eto because he is black either im sick of that"

They are not worth anything? I'm not even going to justify that with a response. Their pinky nails are worth more than all of you could ever dream of being asshole. Veeyah's one of the best strikers in the world. And just look at Valencia's creativity drop when Silva's not on the pitch. Now tell me they're not worth anything. It's not all about the winning all the time, you know.

There were some intelligent comments though. Lookie here:
"You manure fans can go ahead and feel happy at thinking that valencia will be a feeder club to you. Valencia are becoming a big club again. GO find your own damm talent."

"Valencia are 600 mill in debt,they sell villa and silva who they can get for what 70 mill at best? the debt will be around 500 and then what? You think people running valencia are stupid? The new stadium is building, CL qualification is certain this year, money from CL and new stadium will be flowing in and they will be fine. Selling villa and silva to finance debt and then how will goals score??? Manure fans think people running valencia are stupid."

And THIS? Best. Comment. Ever.
"Definitely true after all Valencia rejected a 50m Euro bid for Villa from Real Madrid over the summer. It only makes sense that they'd drop their price mid-season and throw their second best player into the deal as a sweetener. Wonderful, informative and above all responsible sports journalism."

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Monday, 19 October 2009

Just because

Holy motherfuck, I just died. Like, absolutely stone cold dead. The scruff and the general Albi-ness. *sighs* I miss him.

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Erm...Iceman melted?

I think Heikki was drunk. He took the fuel hose with him and set Kimi on fire.

That is all.

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Valencia - Barca

So, I am finally getting off my ass to do one of these match report-y things, seeing as it was such an amazing game and I need to talk about it like whoa. This weekend just gone, Valencia hosted Barcelona at the Mestalla. And oh my good god, what a game. It may have ended in a goalless draw, but that doesn't mean it wasn't exciting.

Of course, prior to this game, there was much talk of the leagues two top strikers being pitted against each other and it was expected to be a high scoring event. Injury ruled out Dahveed Veeyah for the home side, and also prevented Zlatan Ibrahimovic from being used. Even so, there were plenty of other talking points.

Valencia FLEW out of the starting blocks, Valdes being forced into a save from Pablo roughly a minute and a half after kick off. That pretty much highlighted how the game was going to be. Even with Perez Burrull as a referee (for those of you who don't know my issues with this man, see here) they fought and fought for the point.

The first half was almost entirely dominated by Valencia. Around the 30th minute, statistics showed that Barca had yet to force Cesar into action, which meant one of two things. Either the defence was doing it's job or the ball just wasn't getting to Barcelona's attack. For the most part, it was the latter. Mata and Pablo were the most influential in terms of goalscoring opportunities, the two of them running the Barca defence ragged. Pablo in particular had a really strong game, his runs were the focal point of most of Valencia's attack. Mata was doing rather well in taking on the role of chief offsider, even though as usual with Valencia, approximately 29384 of the 29385 offsides given against him actually wasn't one.

The central midfield of Albelda and Ever did a great job keeping Xavi and Iniesta quiet, and Messi was almost anonymous throughout the first half. And even though we all know how quick Burrull is with the card, surprisingly, he didn't book Albelda until late on in the game. Considering that Vampy's first foul was is like...the 5th minute, that's some serious holding back from my favourite La Liga ref.

The second half gave Barca a little more of a route into the game, with their usual attacking football trying to shine through but being somewhat stifled. Valencia continued pressing, with Pablo spotting Valdes off his line and trying to chip the ball over the Barcelona keeper from the halfway line. Some speedy backtracking saw the ball safely over the crossbar.

Dani Alves was doing fuck all to get himself off my 'I hate you so much, I wish you would just disappear from this planet' list, attempting to score and when that didn't work, throwing himself to the ground in a very amateur dramatics style to try and get Ever (who was on a booking already at this point) sent off. Replays showed there was contact, but it was so minimal, it wasn't even worth bothering with. Had he been able to con Burrull into sending Banega off, I would have thrown the bitch fit to end all bitch fits.

As I expected, it wasn't until the 80th minute Burrull even realised there was another team other than Valencia on the pitch that he could go card happy with. Valencia ended with 5 yellow cards to Barca's two, and I wouldn't say the home team committed that many more fouls. He was just a lot more lenient to Barca's because, well...they're Barca.

After the game, it was the same old bullshit being spouted. Barca were having an off game. Valencia should have walked away with all three points, but they're too incompetant to do so. Blah. Blah. Fucking. Blah. Whatever all those people say, Valencia did something no other team has managed to do this season. They took points off Barca. And if you would care to look here you would see they did it with half their regular starters in the stands injured. Yeah. Next time you want to bitch out on my team, come and say it to my face. I don't mind if people badmouth them with good reason, but to say they only got a point because Barca were shit and not because Valencia were good - out of line.

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Sunday, 18 October 2009

*sighs happily*

Ignoring the fact that practically the ENTIRE first team is sat in the stands observing against Barca due to various injuries, I'd like to direct your attention to Dahveed. If you don't recognise him instantly (and shame on you if this is the case, do I not obsess enough over him on this blog?!) he's the one in orange.

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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

I am such a bad blog owner :(

I forgot my blog's first birthday. It was last week. The day after I did my last blog post. Jeeze, I feel really bad now. But it's not like there was much to blog on anyway. Anyhow, in an attempt to breathe some life into the blog, I am going to try and focus on things other than just Valencia and Liverpool (as if there's much of the latter...)

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Monday, 5 October 2009

This is why I have no time...

So I was talking to some friends the other day, and I realised why I never have free time and why my life revolves around football. I have way too many teams that I follow. The list in full is pretty startling, and there's reasons behind almost every one that is vaguely related to one of the two teams I DO support.

So, here's the list of teams I watch/follow/take an interest in:
1. Liverpool - goes without saying. I support them, so obviously, I watch them. Or at least, I watch them when I'm home from work. Which basically means midweek games.
2. Valencia - They're my La Liga team. And I am mostly able to catch their games because they play in the evenings.
3. Sevilla - Palop plays there. Palop used to be a Valencia goalie. It's that simple.
4. Real Zaragoza - Ayala's there. And he is one of the defenders that was at Valencia during their most successful period.
5. Sporting Gijon - Well, aside from the fact it's Dahveed's first team, and Mel supports them, they're pretty gutsy. I like gutsy teams.
6. Barca - This is solely on the basis of their football. They are out of this world amazing.
7. Real Madrid - Albi is there. I miss him like crazy. It hurts watching him in that kit, but I have to do it.
8. Athletic Bilbao - The fact they only bought and played local boys until recently was massively inspiring. And you know, they're kinda good...
9. Racing Santander - Sort of because Ziggy played there for a while and he's our gentle giant. And now, I guess because of Luis Garcia.
10. Villareal - Santi. That is literally the only reason.
11. Xerez - They're new boys and I know fuck all about them, but Renan plays there now, so I guess I have to take an interest.
12. Malaga - No particular reason. I just like them.
13. Getafe - Gavilan plays there. It's Albi's old team. Yeah, we're back to the Valencia related interest.
14. Atletico Madrid - It used to be because of Luis Garcia and because it's Nando's old team. Now I just watch to see them fail because they screwed Valencia out of a CL place.
15. Arsenal - I'm sure that if I wasn't a Liverpool fan, I'd be an Arsenal fan. They're the only other team in the Prem I enjoy watching.
16. Marseille - Mori went there, and I love Mori. And while I might not watch their games, I at least like to know if they did well or not.
17. Bordeaux - That is literally just fangirlishness. Lashes plays there, why WOULDN'T I take an interest?
18. Benfica - Aimar. That is all. I miss that guy and he's so freaking good, he's just a joy to watch.
19. Roma - I'll admit I'm fairly new to Serie A. I didn't really follow it all that much until about 2 seasons ago. But Roma drew me in. Must be the fact they kind of remind me of Liverpool and Valencia...
20. AC Milan - I can't have watched them play 2 CL finals against Liverpool and not like this team.
21. Genoa - Moretti is there. I don't even watch their games. I just look up the scores. Plus, their goalie is my FFT goalie again.

Of course, that's just club teams. There's also the national teams. There's technically three of those that I support, but a fair few others I follow. And of course, we can't forget the Spain bbs...

I'm sure there's plenty more, but I think I should stop there before I go completely crazy and realise just how much I am lacking a life.

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Week 6 FFT

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Valencia WON!

And that's not all. They kept a clean sheet! THis is the first time in weeks they've managed to keep a clean sheet, so I am of course, really proud. Mostly with myself for predicting that this clean sheet business wasn't going to happen until Cesar's back in goal.

Anyway, I totally realise that I haven't done one of these match reports in aaaaages, and I am going to try and get back into it. I usually watch most games live anyway, and failing that, I download them and watch them back later. I don't really have an excuse for not getting down to reporting on games. If I'm entirely honest, this isn't going to be a proper match report either. I just wanted an excuse to say that Cesar wins at life and Unai really needs to play him more so Valencia win more. Or at least don't let in approximately 45 goals per game...

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