Monday, 30 November 2009

Ugh Ugh Ugh!

So I know that the Ballon D'or goes to the best player in the world. What they don't seem to mention (and trust me, this IS in the small print somewhere) is that said player must play for 'the best team'. Of course, this goes a long way towards explaining why the final shortlist of 10 is made up almost exclusively of Barca and RM players. Not that I have an issue with this. Most deserve their place. Actually, bias aside, they ALL deserve their place. However, how and why exactly has a striker who has scored 60 goals in 73 appearances for club and country since the start of last season not qualified for the final 10 at least of this stupid award?! That is a statistic that is unrivalled by the other strikers who made the final 10 shortlist. Rooney has only managed 42 goals in over 70 appearances and Didier Drogba has managed 40 goals in 74 appearances. Go do the math. For arguments sake, I did Messi and Ronaldo too, even though they are NOT strikers. Messi has 53 goals in over 70 games, Ronaldo has 37 in over 63 games.

For those who can't be bothered to work it out, here's the ratios:
Veeyah: 0.82
Rooney: roughly 0.55
Drogba: 0.68
Messi: roughly 0.73
Ronaldo: roughly 0.56

The only one who even comes close to Veeyah is Messi. So, there you have it. Ballon d'Or. A competition for Europe's best player of the year. As long as their club did equally well, because of course, Barca won the treble only thanks to Messi, Man Utd won the title only thanks to Rooney and Ronaldo and Chelsea finished third solely down to Drogba. Give me a fucking break. This competition is a total farce and honest to god, I refuse to ever take an interest again. I don't even REMEMBER the last time a player in a team outside the top 4 in their country won it. Goes to show all is not fair in love and war. Or competition. I quite frankly don't give a shit what other people try and convince me. I know that these are all players who deserve their nominations. I'm not for a second arguing that they don't. However, it's clear to anyone who cares to take a look that team name comes into it just as much as footballing talent, which explains why none of the final 10 shortlisted come from a team that has failed to make the top 4 in their respective leagues. It's unfair. It's supposed to be an award for top players across the board, not just top players in top teams. Unless Veeyah leaves Valencia, my fear is he will never get the recognition he so desperately deserves. He IS the best striker in the world right now. My bias is clear, but the stats never lie.


Vanilla Bear said...

I agree, I hate when the players with the most hype win everything just for the sake of it. I love Messi but if Dahveed is statistically better then he should have won! It's sad because you're right, if he played for Real or Barca then he'd be getting the recognition.

Underestimation is sucky, but it also gives him the chance to prove everyone wrong, and he will. Just wait for the WC where he outscores Messi. Then you can be like I TOLD YOU SO hehe