Monday, 15 June 2009

Can I please be Nando?

I have totally not been keeping up with the blog of late, partly because of exams, partly because I'm lazy and partly because there's not really much football on. Anyhow, moment of the game last night (aside from the Nando hatrick and Dahveed scoring) was this:

I might do a proper report later, but don't hold your breath. My laziness knows no bounds.


chicnandia said...

OMG LOL OMG!!As soon as I saw that the first thing I thought of was "Gina is being VERY jealous of Nando right now"

Lola said...

I just finished watching a replay of the match. Gotta love the Spain boys and their groping and manpiles, very nice.

Baby Freya said...

Yes! Haha, Nando's face is a picture. Not quite sure who is teh luckiest there: Nando for getting to grope Veeyah or Veeyah because he is getting groped by Nando.