Tuesday, 16 June 2009

I want to be a cool kid.

1) Your name : Gina

2) Age : 21

3) Where are you from ? Originally Sofia, lived in London since I was 2.

4) Date of birth: 07/04/88

5) Your hobbies: Erm, watching football, singing, writing, surfing the internetz. The usual.

6) What do you do in your life? This was my final year at uni, I graduate in July, so until I find a job, I am officially a full time lazy bum.

7) Favorite club(s): Valencia CF, Liverpool FC, Spain NT, England NT. Though I like a lot of others too - Sporting Gijon, Sevilla, Villareal, Arsenal, RM (though if I'm honest, not so much lately), Barca, Roma, Atleti (though again, not so much lately), Malaga etc etc.

8) What got you into football? WC'98 and *that* goal.

9) Your favorite current football players: Vicente, Dahveed Veeyah, Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres. Actually, pretty much every Valencia and Liverpool player, then a few others. Xavi and Santi mainly.

10) Your favorite past football players: Hristo Stoichkov, Paolo Maldini and Zidane. For the skillz, not the teams they played for. I guess players like Sami Hyypia and Ronaldo count even though they're technically still playing.

11) Most memorable game? CL Final 2005. EPIC. FA Cup Final 2006. EPIC. Liverpool 4-1 Man U. EPIC. Valencia 3-0 RM. EPIC. And Valencia 2-2 Barca was also epic because wow, that was so close to being game of the fucking season.

12) What do you think about the Real Madrid situation? I think my thoughts on this are very well known anyway. I have nothing against the players. I have nothing against the fans. But the board fucking SUCKS. Blowing €160 on two attacking players when it's your defence that needs sorting is just sheer idiocy and I cannot comprehend how this is a good thing. For anyone. Kindly keep your filthy rich selves away from MY teams, thank you.

13) Is there a thing you would like to change about your club? If so what? The debt issues. For both.

14) favorite ice cream flavor: Phish Food!

15) Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate. Om nom nom.

16) Coke or pepsi? Coke. But I don't like either.

17) Ketchup or mustard? Ketchup.

18) Iker or Pepe Reina? Pepe.

19) Sernando or Sergago? SERNANDO FTW!!!

20) Kickette or dirty tackle? Both.

21) Premier league or la liga? La Liga.

22) Jose or Pep ? Jose.

23) Which player would you like to spend a night with? Only one player? ONLY ONE NIGHT?! Spoilsports. Well, it would be Vicente, wouldn't it.

24) Which three players would you like to be stuck on a desert island with? Marchena - he looks like he could kill some things for food. Chente - Well, I have got to be entertained somehow. Xabi - I quite like his scruff and he speaks English and Spanish so I'd be able to communicate with everyone.

25) Which player do you like that you really shouldn't? Erm...Paul Scholes would qualify for this I guess.

26) Which footballer would you describe yourself as like/relate to/something like that? lol, well I'm going to be predictable here and say Vicente. *shrugs* Even when I know I'm better than someone else, I always come second best. And I get hurt an awful lot.

27) First live concert? LOL. I don't remember. I think it was Westlife.

28) A band you will always love: The Beatles. Legends.

29) If you could be one musical artist who would you be? I dunno. Pink?

30) Favourite and least favourite subjects at school: Favourite - English Lit, I loved writing. Least favourite - PE or RE. We never did the sports I like and RE bored me to sleep.

31) Favourite clothes shop: Primark. LOL. I kid, I kid. Erm, Topshop has cool stuff.

32) Current favourite outfit: Erm...any of my jeans with any of my football shirts. *shrugs* I like to be comfortable.

33) Flats or heels? Flats. I own about 50 pairs of heels and never wear them.

34) Late nights or early mornings? Early mornings? What are those? Late nights FTW.

35) Small social gathering with a few close friends or a wild party with tons of people? Small social gatherings. Unless it was a Kickette party. In which case BRING ON THE PARTY!

36) Facebook or twitter? Twitter. I never use my FB.


chicnandia said...

Love how both twins did this!I agree on most of your choices,even the RM on cause I know you;re right about it!

Stephanie said...

Hell yes you chose Jose >>>> Pep :D