Friday, 18 September 2009

100 things about football and me:

1. I support 2 teams with my whole heart and soul.
2. Liverpool still come first but lately I’ve been a lot more vocal about my Valencia support.
3.’s not because I prefer one over the other. I just get to watch Valencia is all.
4. La Liga is by far my favourite league. EPL is one of my least favourite. Ironic that my #1 team plays there.
5. I became a Valencia fan after watching them beat Liverpool in the CL.
6. I usually start supporting teams because of one specific footballer, but in no time at all, the entire team has grown on me.
7. Vicente Rodriguez is my favourite footballer. Ever.
8. breaks me every time I hear he’s injured again because he doesn’t deserve it.
9. I hate Werder Bremen with every inch of me just because he was playing against them when he got the injury that changed his life.
10. It pisses me off when people assume you can only be a fan of one team at a time.

11. ...I’ve never had a problem and I’ve been a fan of two teams for 7 years.
12. The chances are, if I warn you to shut your mouth and you don’t listen, you’re going to get bitched out on.
13. ...don’t complain, I gave you suitable warning.
14. I am a psycho bitch when things don’t go my way.
15. I am sometimes a psycho bitch when things DO go my way.
16. My first live football game was Sheffield Wednesday vs Crystal Palace. Oh joy.
17. ...I don’t even remember the score. Or anything that happened.
18. I was much too old when I went to my first Liverpool game, but at least I was aware of what was going on.
19. ...YNWA sent shivers down my spine and it was only a friendly.
20. The first thing I do in any new city I visit is check if there’s a football team/stadium.
21. ...You can bet your ass on the fact that I’ll be doing a tour if I have time if there is.
22. I am a fangirl.
23. ...but I also know the offside rule better than most guys I know.
24. I sometimes feel bad for bitching out at people just because all they ever seem to do is fangirl.
25. ...but then when I think about it, there’s really no excuse. I made an effort to learn about the sport so why shouldn’t they?
26. I have no space left on my laptop because I download every game I find interesting or want to keep.
27. ...that is mostly Valencia, Liverpool, Spain NT. Recently, it’s been Roma and RM too.
28. ...the latter is because of Raul Albiol. I still miss him like crazy.
29. I hate RM’s policy of ‘buy first, think money later’ but some of my best friends are RM fans.
30. The more I watch them this season, the more I start to think that maybe I was wrong and maybe they CAN make it work.
31. ...I don’t want to admit that though, because that means I was stupid to go so OTT over the summer.
32. I cried all day when I heard RM had signed Albiol from Valencia.
33. ...I still cry every time I see him or hear his name mentioned.
34. I have two tattoos that are entirely football related and I still want another one.
35. I was going to get the three stars on my hip extended to five to symbolise Liverpool’s five European Cup wins, but I can’t go any higher or it’ll be visible and I refuse to go any lower.
36. I swear in 4 different languages when I’m watching football. If I knew more, I’d swear in more.
37. I think that it is crazy how much money gets spent on football when there’s people that are starving in the world
38. ...but honestly, once my team steps out onto the pitch and puts everything they have into a game, I think they’re worth every penny.
39. I make up nicknames for players in my teams because it makes me feel like I have some kind of link to them.
40. I wish football wasn’t so competitive sometimes because I’ve lost a lot of friends who just can’t handle how harsh I am about their teams when they play mine.
41. While I’m protective of my teams and will bitch out at anyone who dares say something bad about them, I will never get personal.
42. ...if I think someone is a diver, I’ll say it. However, if I think they’re a clinically insane freak of nature, I’ll bite my tongue. There’s no place for those comments in football.
43. I judge players on their talent on the pitch. Their personal life is of little importance to me as long as they can play the game.
44. I’ve often dreamed of being a WAG but then I realise that I wouldn’t be able to deal with the celebrity status.
45. ...I’d want to be with a footballer because I’m passionate about the sport, not because he’s got the money of the status to keep me in designer clothes for the rest of my life.
46. There was a time in my life when I could list the names and squad numbers of the entire top 10 of the EPL and at least 4 teams in La Liga.
47. Hate it when people use the fact that Liverpool came back from three goals down in the CL final in 2005 as a justification for being fucking deluded and think that they’re now going to go on and win everything.
48. ...and then go on to whine and whine when they inevitably win nothing.
49. At the same time, I get annoyed with fans of other teams who lump every Liverpool fan in the same category of delusion.
50. ...I may be devoted, but I’m not stupid. I’m happy with whatever they win, doesn’t mean I think they’re going to win it all because of one miracle.
51. I failed 3 exams because I got so drunk the night of the 2005 CL final.
52. I spent extra time and PKs of the second leg of the 2007 semi final against Chelsea outside the bar at uni, smoking my way through a box of cigarettes.
53. I was the only Liverpool fan there at the time and had to be dragged away by my friends when a bunch of Chelsea fans told me we were lucky to make the final.
54. ...I’d have handed out a lot of black eyes that evening if I hadn’t been dragged away.
55. Double standards in football fans piss me off.
56. I watch far too much football and far too many teams.
57. ...I need to narrow it down this year because I’m starting to get torn when they play against each other.
58. I follow a lot of players that used to play for my teams but no longer do because I want to remember the good times.
59. Used to post on football forums but hid the fact I was a girl because I was scared that if they knew, they wouldn’t take me seriously.
60. Get frustrated with fans of the England NT who seem to think the team has some god given right to participate in and win every competition going.
61. ...Those fans have made me resent the team.
62. Have a serious issue with people who support an NT they have no link to with no valid reason.
63. ...’so and so is really hot’ does not qualify as a valid reason.
64. Hate international friendlies mid season because my teams are always the ones who suffer and whose players come back from international duty sporting an injury.
65. I am one of those ‘club over country’ types.
66. ...The way I see it, your country only needs you to step up to the plate and perform your best once every 2 years. Your club needs you every year.
67. Sometimes, I am convinced I am too emotionally attached to my teams and the players.
68. I’ve spent over £500 on football shirts so far.
69. If a player is attractive to me but can’t play football for shit, he’s crossed off the list without a second thought.
70. I really wish Rafa B would go back to Valencia, but the thought of him leaving Liverpool fills me with horror.
71. ...maybe he should just be cloned so he can be in two places at once.
72. I miss the Valencia I started watching back in 2001/02.
73. I fall for left wingers all the time. I don’t know why that is.
74. ...I crush on all four of Valencia’s right now.
75. Don’t think I could ever be with somebody who either doesn’t like football or doesn’t support the same teams as me.
76. Find it weird that I’m able to get on with fans of all teams and it never even crosses my mind that they don’t support the same teams as me until our teams play each other.
77. Have been told by numerous people that I’m a really nice person to get along with until football comes up, and then I’m a bitch.
78. My mother gets really annoyed with the fact that football seems to rule my life, but my birthday card from her for my 18th birthday was a football.
79. I think the big 4 in the EPL are slightly overrated at times.
80.’s nothing to do with their footballing ability and everything to do with football politics and finances.
81. I get so nervous before big games, I can’t eat. I just lock myself in my room and ignore everything else until kick off.
82. I never lose faith in my teams, and cheer them on from start to finish.
83. I don’t understand fans who walk out before the final whistle has gone. It doesn’t matter if your team is 5 goals up or 5 goals down, you stay and you cheer until the final whistle.
84. I’ve only gambled once in my life and that was during the Euros 2008.
85. I put a bet on Spain to win the entire competition before any games had even kicked off.
86. ...I then spent every single Spain game falling apart entirely or with my heart in my mouth because I was so scared they’d lose and I’d have to explain to my parents that I gambled and lost.
87. I’ve cancelled dates so I could watch a football game instead.
88. I sometimes think I’d be a better manager than the ones at my teams because their decisions frustrate the fuck out of me occasionally.
89. Transfers drive me absolutely insane at the best of times, but when I get the same old bullshit about how so and so player has signed for so and so team when said player has said he doesn’t want to leave, it really pisses me off more than anything.
90. I got to the stage of wanting to just forget football even existed over the summer and that’s the first time I’ve ever felt so low.
91. I’m argumentative when it comes to football and I’ll use any opportunity I have to prove that there’s more to me that just fangirling.
92. One of my pet hates in football is teams who rely on one player to get them through a game.
93. ....ironically, both of my teams sort of have one of those players. Steven Gerrard gives everything he’s got for Liverpool and when he’s spent, he finds the energy to give that little bit more. There’s been times when I think Valencia simply can’t score unless Dahveed Veeyah is on the pitch.
94. I really don’t see the attraction to certain players, but when they’re on the pitch and their football does the talking, suddenly I seem to understand what all the fuss is about.
95. I wish that we could cut diving out of football, but then when I think of how amusing it is sometimes when players get caught out, I think maybe it’s not so bad after all.
96. Rough tackles, no matter what the consequences, drive me mad. I hate to see players who go for the man, not the ball.
97. I’m sick and tired of seeing Liverpool play Chelsea in the CL. One high scoring game does not mean it’s a good fixture and if I ever have to sit through it again in the CL, I’ll throw a tantrum.
98. I’m more bothered by the fact that Liverpool weren’t able to win against the smaller teams when they didn’t lose to the other ‘big 4’ teams last season than I am by the fact that they didn’t win the title.
99. I have never once used ‘But we’ve won it five times’ as an argument as to why we’re a better team than anybody else you throw at me because I’m like any fan. Winning things feels nice, but I really want #19.
100. The captain’s armband seriously does things for me. As does footballers saying the word ‘puta’. I can’t explain why, but it drives me loopy. In a good way.


Vanilla Bear said...

I loled at the amusing dive one LOL I remembered the 'fucking disgrace' remix (even though that wasn't about a dive, but it was Drogba, so word association)

I think I already knew most of these about you G, but still awesome that you can think of so many things! I feel like I want to write a list too now... *ponders*