Monday, 14 September 2009

100 things about me. I:

1. Am officially 21, but I act about 12 most of the time.
2. Have 6 tattoos and 6 piercings but I always want more.
3. mother still doesn’t know about the tattoos.
4. Change my hair colour a lot. It’s bad for me, but I get bored easily.
5. Cut my own hair. Nobody else is trusted near it with a sharp object.
6. Wish I could grow my nails without them breaking.
7. Am an only child and I love it.
8. Pierced my ears myself when I was younger.
9. ...Pierced my eyebrow too, but that didn’t last too long.
10. Was born blonde but am now a brunette.

11. Wear glasses most of the time and when I can be bother to poke my eyes out, contacts.
12. Wish I had lighter eyes and have tinted contacts.
13. Am always convinced I’ve put on weight even if I haven’t.
14. ...The scales are not my friend.
15. Hate my nose.
16. Really love bats.
17. ...I wish I could keep one as a pet.
18. ...I’d call it Valencia.
19. Have ridiculously muscular calves. They make my legs look fat.
20. Am so far from a girly girl it’s unreal.
21. Broke my top right front tooth when I was a kid and now I can’t bite properly.
22. Have incredibly sharp canines.
23. sometimes makes me wonder if vampires are real and if I could be one.
24. Have freakishly small feet for my height.
25. Hate talking on the phone, my voice sounds strange.
26. Have a weak immune system and get colds every other week.
27. Am a self confessed caffeine addict.
28. Used to smoke 20 a day until I quit after the Euros last summer.
29. Wear rings on my ring finger to keep the men away.
30.’s a habit I picked up while I was in a relationship and it just stuck.
31. Have an awful memory.
32. Curse like a sailor.
33. Moved away from home when I was 18.
34. ...only to move back again when I was 20.
35. Am ridiculously clumsy, I’m always covered in cuts, bruises or scars.
36. Graduated Business Management with Law this year
37. ...despite never turning up to lectures. Or seminars.
38. Have travelled a lot in my life.
39. favourite places I visited were Valencia and Paris.
40. Can’t eat breakfast. It makes me feel ill if I eat too early in the day.
41. Love animals and take in stray cats when I’m in Bulgaria all the time.
42. Speak 2 languages fluently, another half fluently and am attempting to learn a 4th.
43. ...I can understand a lot more when written.
44. Am a very convincing liar when I want to be.
45.’s got me out of a lot of trouble in the past.
46. Lewis Hamilton drives me fucking insane. He’s not even as good as people like to make out.
47. Have a slight obsession with football.
48. Support two teams and will defend them to the death. Insult them at your peril.
49. Support the Spain NT just because they’re mostly made up of my club teams.
50. Get annoyed when people plaster the ‘fangirl’ stereotype on me.
51. Cried like a baby for about a day when I heard Albiol had signed for RM.
52. Prefer watching live football games but support inconvenient teams to be able to go more often.
53. Go psychotic when I’m watching football.
54. The 2005 CL final was both one of the best and worst moments of my life as a Liverpool fan.
55. Am more protective of Vicente than any other footballer I like.
56. Hate when people assume I am a Valencia fan because of the Davids and that once they go, I’m done supporting.
57. ...Yes, I love them. But I was a fan long before they arrived and I’ll be there long after they leave.
58. Hold grudges for a really long time. Kun still hasn’t been forgiven for cheating Valencia out of a CL place.
59. Own more football shirts than any other item of clothing.
60. Collect souvenir spoons and posters.
61. bedroom walls are covered in Liverpool posters.
62. Have recently developed an obsession with the colour orange and buy things I don’t even need just because they’re orange.
63. Listen to all types of music, but mostly rock.
64. Grew up listening to The Beatles.
65. Listen to music ALL the time and always get yelled at for having my headphones in.
66. My favourite band is still Westlife.
67. ...I think it’s going to be that way until the day I die.
68. Buy too many DVDs for my own good. I can’t help myself.
69. Have watched Paris Hilton’s porn movie.
70. ...I laughed all the way through it.
71. Cry at sad movies, even if I’ve seen them about 50 times before.
72. ...the worst culprits are The Green Mile, Gladiator, The Notebook and Pearl Harbour.
73. Love reading.
74. favourite author is Stephen King.
75. Used to write a lot of poetry. I haven’t written in over two years.
76. Get really bad stage fright but it didn’t stop me performing at my end of year show at school.
77. Get too emotionally attached to things I shouldn’t.
78. ...but I’m a cold hearted bitch when it comes to things I SHOULD care about.
79. Can’t drink certain types of beer, it makes my right arm go numb.
80. Used to drink an awful lot.
81. ...I’m a total lightweight now and even one beer makes me feel lightheaded.
82. Can easily survive on just one meal a day.
83. ...sometimes when I’m lazy, I don’t even make it to one meal.
84. Am annoyed way too easily by the stupidest of things.
85. Am scared of learning to drive because I think I’d get really bad road rage.
86. Have a lot of deep seated issues and people have to be patient as fuck with me because I’m more complicated than I look.
87. Would die if I had to live without my laptop.
88. Could gladly spend all my time online because I found some of my best friends ever on the internetz.
89. Share my bed with about 5 cuddly toys.
90. ...I’ve had one of them since I was about 6. It was twice my size then. Now I’m twice its size.
91. Work in a clothes shop, which is probably not the best of ideas seeing as I spend too much money on clothes and shoes.
92. Have to leave my card at home when I go out somewhere or I’ll end up with no money in my account.
93. Buy shoes all the time because they look pretty, and then never wear them.
94. Have an irrational fear of grasshoppers.
95. ...I scream, cry and throw tantrums if I see one, regardless of whether it’s irl or on the telly.
96. Love Aleskandr Meerkat. He wins at life.
97. Climbed a cliff barefoot this summer.
98. Have fallen in love once and I don’t plan on doing it again for a while yet.
99. Always have my phone with me but rarely answer it.
100. Live in a fantasy world, I find it’s so much better than reality.


chicnandia said...

Its freaking me out how much we're alike in some things!And it also freaked me out that you pierced your own eyebrow...

Clarice (Aianna) said...

Wooooo, I know about a lot of the stuff you listed. Like, a lot. *is very proud of being the twin*

sarah said...

Aleskandr the Meerkat wins at life for sure.

Vanilla Bear said...

No 79 totally made me lol! And the thought of you with road rage is actually scaring me, aw Gina <3 haha