Wednesday, 28 October 2009

All hail the idiot football fans...

The gems of wisdom are right this way...

"villa said the only club he wil join in england iz LIVERPOOL. . .i think he should wait till the end of the season,n rafa might have the cash to sign hm with prince faisal arriving. Voronin can be added to the deal. :)"

Erm, I don't want Voronin, thanks. And that is so not a fair exchange. Plus, Liverpool can't afford Veeyah's weaker foot, never mind the complete package...

"Ferguson is forever smart. this is the ONLY perfect time to buy Villa. because the rest of the clubs have enough of scoring powers. who else is gonna buy Villa if you say Valencia are eager to sell now? That is exactly why the price is so low, but we can't trust this figure yet because it is most likely not right. but i'd say valencia won't be willing to sell Silva."

Valencia aren't willing to sell either, idiot. They just might not have a choice. Though if they do, you can bet your ass on the fact it won't be for a measly £40mil.

"seems that so many people don't understand the word 'cash strapped' and 'need to sell' they're like 'they're worth bla bla bla'.. well whatever theyr'e worth, they're at a disadvantage now, and only MANU have the resources to purchase them, since madrid is already mounted with debts.. hehehe.. now THATS my fergie"

Seems like THIS idiot doesn't understand that Valencia may be cash strapped and need to sell, but they're not going to let their two biggest stars go for a pathetic amount of money. They're cash strapped, not mentally retarded.

"i think the players realise they have gone the distance with Valencia and the club itself really needs to cash in and strengthen thier squad - its a shame tho"

Er, that would be why both have pledged their future to Valencia is it? You don't sign an extension to a contract to keep you at a club until 2014 if you want to leave the next year fucktard.

"I like Valencia as a club, dont get me wrong, but this two lads deserve tO win some medals and ManUnited is the write place for such a stuff. C,mon Villa and Silva, be smart and come to EUROPIAN CAPITAL OF TROPHYS"

Firstly, learn to fucking spell. Secondly, it's not that long ago Valencia were winning things. Thirdly, they're in it for the FOOTBALL not the money and trophies (though I'm sure the latter would be nice...) so they're not going to drop their morals for some shiny things.

"to all the loserfool fans who are sayin dream on mancs and stuff money isnt the only criteria good 4 u coz ur bankrupt in necase u need to sell players to buy so for those 2 to come u will have to sell gerrard and torres ha ha but ur forgtn 1 thing silva himself said he wants to join manutd!!!!!!!"

Silva said no such thing, asshole. He said he was flattered a club like Man Utd was interested in him. Doesn't quite translate into the same thing. Also, both guys have said they'd prefer to stay in Spain if they have to leave Valencia. Manchester is not in Spain. And I'm no idiot, I realise Liverpool isn't either. However, it's a damn sight closer than you're ever going to be.

"silva is the best with no doubt but villa is 28 and is not worth it,i guess aguero is the best option"

Just...LMAO at this entire statement. Being 28 (and he's actually still 27 buttwipe, get your facts right) does not mean you're not a good enough player. Dahveed Veeyah is currently one of the best strikers in the world, he has a phenomenal strike record and every single team wants him leading their front line. You only don't think he's worth it because you know you've got no chance of getting him. Reality bites.

"Look at all MU haters...hahah. No..No that can't be true. hahah. You scared? of course you are. You thought SAF was just going to sit on all that money. You know big signings were coming and yeah Chealse don't get your hopes up for the title. I believe the deal will be made for around 50 mil. Valencia is hurting and they don't want to sell to their competitors RM and Barca. Glory Glory..."

THIS is the exact reason I have an intense dislike of most Man Utd fans. Glory hunters are not proper football fans. Fact. There's not going to be a deal for £50mil because Valencia aren't stupid. They know how important these two are to the team. Secondly, I'm sure they'd rather sell to someone who will give a lot more money seeing as they're in 'dire financial straits'. Besides, RM and Barca, not exactly direct competition for Valencia right now. Try Sevilla, Villareal, Atletico etc...

"Thats what they are worth, what have they done in their careers? Won euro 08 and thats all, no c.l. or the competition in spain. They are not worth anything, besides villa now is 27. Valencia rejected 47 € from barca because the teams are in the same competition, u dont want to sell a player to your rivals, that would be bussines that hurts yourself, u cant compansate that with money... pep didnt fire eto because he is black either im sick of that"

They are not worth anything? I'm not even going to justify that with a response. Their pinky nails are worth more than all of you could ever dream of being asshole. Veeyah's one of the best strikers in the world. And just look at Valencia's creativity drop when Silva's not on the pitch. Now tell me they're not worth anything. It's not all about the winning all the time, you know.

There were some intelligent comments though. Lookie here:
"You manure fans can go ahead and feel happy at thinking that valencia will be a feeder club to you. Valencia are becoming a big club again. GO find your own damm talent."

"Valencia are 600 mill in debt,they sell villa and silva who they can get for what 70 mill at best? the debt will be around 500 and then what? You think people running valencia are stupid? The new stadium is building, CL qualification is certain this year, money from CL and new stadium will be flowing in and they will be fine. Selling villa and silva to finance debt and then how will goals score??? Manure fans think people running valencia are stupid."

And THIS? Best. Comment. Ever.
"Definitely true after all Valencia rejected a 50m Euro bid for Villa from Real Madrid over the summer. It only makes sense that they'd drop their price mid-season and throw their second best player into the deal as a sweetener. Wonderful, informative and above all responsible sports journalism."


Tanuj Lakhina said...

The way things are with Valencia and their debt increasing along with surmounting player wages and expenses you would have to sell one of your best players and that too for a good price. Albiol was sold to Real Madrid and now its going to be either Villa or Silva. Both were linked heavily to Liverpool over the summer and if Los Che do hold on to them until the end of the season then Real Madrid could be back in the picture. Personally, they would be better of selling Silva than Villa.

Gina Villamelon said...

Yeah, I'm not stupid, I know the likelihood of Valencia holding onto their stars is getting smaller and smaller. I just don't want to see them go to any team I have an intense dislike for. I don't think they're suited to EPL and I care about these players, I don't want them to throw their careers away for the sake of a shiny trophy or a little more money. I don't want to see either of them leave. If it comes down to it though, I do agree with you, I'd rather it was Silva than Villa. *sighs* I hate football politics, why can't it just be about the football and not anything else?

Tanuj Lakhina said...

These players do play for shiny trophies and some for the cash so can't say anything there. As per The Sun, Mata is being linked to Liverpool for around 15 million pounds. Excessive price to be honest but mere speculation and as is the case with all Sun articles, no source was mentioned.

Gina Villamelon said...

The Sun is, as always, full of shit. I try my best to ignore rumours and speculation (and rarely succeed) because it's not a done deal until the contract is signed. It would be so much easier if the vultures backed off and left Valencia to the football. The window doesn't open until January, they're welcome to speculate then. Right now, it doesn't matter who's offering how much, nothing can be done about it.

£15mil is a little excessive for Mata, but along with Silva and Villa, he's probably classed as one of the few 'big money' assets they have in terms of performances and future potential.

Vanilla Bear said...

I have nothing constructive to add except that this post made me lol!

Tanuj Lakhina said...

Agree. I hate it how speculation of prospective transfers start even before the window is to open or has a few weeks to go.

Sarah said...

All I can say is LOL.

The most obvious problem they forgot to mention amongst their battle with Liverpool fans, is Utd are in debt too. Clearly neither Villa nor Silva are going to show up at OT, I know that and I'm not bothered to be honest. Even if they did, they'd be straight out of the door and on their way back to Spain via Madrid, such is the sad reality of Manchester United circa Becks.

Sarah said...

BTW, I hate those types of Utd fans. The ones who think we are above and beyond everything and everyone. We're a good team, a very successful one but there's no way on God's earth that SAF is going to spend, spend, spend in the January transfer window. We do not have the backing of a national bank. Chelsea can't, City probably will until the lesson has been learned and I believe Arsenal will be the only top 4 club to make major changes.