Monday, 5 October 2009

This is why I have no time...

So I was talking to some friends the other day, and I realised why I never have free time and why my life revolves around football. I have way too many teams that I follow. The list in full is pretty startling, and there's reasons behind almost every one that is vaguely related to one of the two teams I DO support.

So, here's the list of teams I watch/follow/take an interest in:
1. Liverpool - goes without saying. I support them, so obviously, I watch them. Or at least, I watch them when I'm home from work. Which basically means midweek games.
2. Valencia - They're my La Liga team. And I am mostly able to catch their games because they play in the evenings.
3. Sevilla - Palop plays there. Palop used to be a Valencia goalie. It's that simple.
4. Real Zaragoza - Ayala's there. And he is one of the defenders that was at Valencia during their most successful period.
5. Sporting Gijon - Well, aside from the fact it's Dahveed's first team, and Mel supports them, they're pretty gutsy. I like gutsy teams.
6. Barca - This is solely on the basis of their football. They are out of this world amazing.
7. Real Madrid - Albi is there. I miss him like crazy. It hurts watching him in that kit, but I have to do it.
8. Athletic Bilbao - The fact they only bought and played local boys until recently was massively inspiring. And you know, they're kinda good...
9. Racing Santander - Sort of because Ziggy played there for a while and he's our gentle giant. And now, I guess because of Luis Garcia.
10. Villareal - Santi. That is literally the only reason.
11. Xerez - They're new boys and I know fuck all about them, but Renan plays there now, so I guess I have to take an interest.
12. Malaga - No particular reason. I just like them.
13. Getafe - Gavilan plays there. It's Albi's old team. Yeah, we're back to the Valencia related interest.
14. Atletico Madrid - It used to be because of Luis Garcia and because it's Nando's old team. Now I just watch to see them fail because they screwed Valencia out of a CL place.
15. Arsenal - I'm sure that if I wasn't a Liverpool fan, I'd be an Arsenal fan. They're the only other team in the Prem I enjoy watching.
16. Marseille - Mori went there, and I love Mori. And while I might not watch their games, I at least like to know if they did well or not.
17. Bordeaux - That is literally just fangirlishness. Lashes plays there, why WOULDN'T I take an interest?
18. Benfica - Aimar. That is all. I miss that guy and he's so freaking good, he's just a joy to watch.
19. Roma - I'll admit I'm fairly new to Serie A. I didn't really follow it all that much until about 2 seasons ago. But Roma drew me in. Must be the fact they kind of remind me of Liverpool and Valencia...
20. AC Milan - I can't have watched them play 2 CL finals against Liverpool and not like this team.
21. Genoa - Moretti is there. I don't even watch their games. I just look up the scores. Plus, their goalie is my FFT goalie again.

Of course, that's just club teams. There's also the national teams. There's technically three of those that I support, but a fair few others I follow. And of course, we can't forget the Spain bbs...

I'm sure there's plenty more, but I think I should stop there before I go completely crazy and realise just how much I am lacking a life.