Friday, 2 January 2009

Do these people never stop? At first it was annoying. Then it was saddening. Now it's just sad. Seriously, he's not leaving, that's what a contract until 2014 says. It would have to be a mammoth offer for him to actually leave, because erm...buyout clauses are a bitch. His is something like £125million worth of bitch. Just give it up already.

Also, this makes me giggle. I demand a lot of things, doesn't mean I get them. Valencia would have to be seriously shitting themselves over the financial situ to even consider letting either of these two leave.

Let me reiterate this point for those idiots in other clubs that don't quite seem to have this hammered into their heads. The Davids are not leaving. I don't want them to. They don't want to. Valencia don't want them to. Their contracts make it pretty darn difficult. That's a lot of negatives fighting against the positive of clubs like Man City who don't seem to understand the meaning of the word 'no'. Here it is for them: "no (NEGATIVE ANSWER) adverb - used to give negative answers". Now back the fuck off.


Vanilla Bear said...

lol NEGATIVE ANSWER! I think Valencia should forward all the emails of interest from other clubs onto you G so you can reply for them. I doubt they'd be thinking you're open to negotiation for long!

Venice said...

Ah, that's what you have to put up with when you like a player as brilliant and sought after. Trust no one except the man himself...and the official site of course :-D