Saturday, 3 January 2009

Weekend round up

Liverpool won 2-0 today. The Stevie-Nando love in is back again. Xabi is hurt. Masch is hurt. Read about it here cos I didn't see the game so I can't comment.

Valencia started the weekend in 4th, but with a win against Atletico Madrid, they could leapfrog into second. They started the game very well indeed. They scored within 3 minutes. But the motherfucking referee disallowed it. Then they scored again on 5. The motherfucking referee disallowed it again. Then they should have had a PK on 13 mins. The motherfucking referee didn't give it. You see the pattern here, right? Finally, justice was served on 34 mins when Valencia got a PK (which ironically was a total dive. The twat ref really was THAT bad) which Dahveed promptly put away. Then Silva got a goal to make it 2-0 and Gina was kind of happy. All was going well until literally a minute before half time. Another appalling decision, a PK for Atletico Madrid. 2-1. The air turned blue around me, I honestly do not remember the last time I cursed so much during a football game. I guess Valencia bring out the best and worst in me. Anyway, to cut a long story short, if things didn't improve in the second half, I would somehow find a way to fly out to Valencia and hurt that referee.

Also, moving away from the game for a few seconds...I'm a little worried about quite what a Valencia whore I am turning into. Renan looked SO hot during the game. Dahveed IS hot. Silva is Silva, you gotta love that boy. I spent more time today drooling than anything else.Except maybe cursing...

So, back to the football. In comparison to the very exciting first half, the second half was a little slow. Valencia weren't going forward as much, there was a lot of fouling being done and it was a fiery game, but not as much goalmouth action. There were a few heart in mouth moments when Renan lost concentration and had to be bailed out by the defence. And then, on 70 minutes, Silva scored again. Words cannot describe how much love I have for him. They should have been so many more goals up at the end, had it not been for the motherfucking referee needing his brain checked over. When Vicente came on with 10 mins to go, I lost all coherent thought. It should be illegal for anyone to have shorts that short and that tight. But please, don't stop. And there you have it, they're second. I hope results go their way tomorrow night!


LoveLamps said...

Vicente *thud*
Seriously enjoyed the game today, minus the insanity that was the officiating.

Sarah said...

"Vicente *thud*"


Misty Stilletto said...

Poor Xabi :o(

Vanilla Bear said...

The Stevando goal was my most favourite thing of 2009 so far :D

And thanks for the puntos Silva! <3