Monday, 12 January 2009


I see a pic of Nando looking like this:

Yet still, I choose to focus on this:

I don't understand. Have I really become so obsessed with short dark Spaniards, that I just ignore anyone else? And ditch the team loyalty while I'm at it? Well, if it helps, I still want Nando to win this shizz.


Misty Stilletto said...

I can see why, Nando looks like an 11 year old nerd here. Not that Xavi is much better, how styled are his brows?? And we've all come to accept your random taste, Gina.

I'm hoping Nando wins, but really is anyone gonna take one of these things of Ken-Ron?

Vanilla Bear said...

Xavi's eyebrows..... :|

I was most attracted by Messi in the pics from this event... what's wrong with me? :P

Chocolate Bear said...

lmao the eyebrows, no offense.

if we're picking, i choose kaka! even though he looked like nando's goody goody even nerdier friend.

Sarah said...

Is the nerd thing because of the collared shirt/sweater combo? Because I'm a total sucker for that type of style.

Maybe I'm just a complete nerd at heart.

Venice said...

Of course Kak√° should've won one for me :-D
Us I mean.
Actually no, just me.