Thursday, 29 January 2009

Midweek round up

Liverpool. Oh Liverpool. Why do you insist on doing this to me? Do you hate me so much, that you make me suffer despite the fact that I have NEVER given up on you? I mean, fucking Wigan. Come on boys. Sort it out, this just ain't good enough. Without a win in 2009, that is beyond pathetic. And as for Rafa and his bizzare decisions of late. Ugh. Rafa, I believe in you. I know you can perform miracles. Just please don't let it get to the stage where you NEED to be performing them. Not every fan is as patient and understanding as the Kickette girls, and quite frankl;y, they want to see results. Subbing your best players in a game we should have won comfortably but were never really close to is not the way to go about it. Especially when there was no apparent reason for you to do so. I mean, I get that there's the Chelsea game at the weekend, but what's the point in having all your players fit at the end if they have nothing left to fight for. Liverpool have lost far too many points this season from drawing against teams they really should have beaten. The inconsistency of this team kills me sometimes. I know they can do it, so why don't they? They went ahead through a brilliant goal by Yossi Benayoun from a virtually impossible angle. It was all going swimmingly until Lucas felt the need to give away a penalty. I don't understand why, with people like Xabi Alonso on the bench, Lucas was even on the pitch to begin with. That moment of stupidity he had could potentially cost his team the title shot this year, and I hope he realises that. I hope Rafa realises it too because I am at my wits end when it comes to Liverpool. They need to pull their fingers out and realise they're not just playing for themselves, they're playing for the millions of fans that believe in them too and what they're showing right now just is not good enough.

Valencia took a 3-2 advantage into this Copa tie. The winner would get a spot in the semi final against Athletic Bilbao. However, they had to get there without there top scorer this season, Dahveed was ruled out with the muscle problem that saw him limp out of the reverse fixture last week and miss the weekend fixture against Mallorca.

They started ok, and found themselves a goal up within 7 minutes, Joaquin's corner being met by Marchena. That put them with one foot firmly in the semi finals. Cesar had a relatively good first half, and having an experienced goalkeeper behind them seemed to calm the back 4 (though still not to the extent that Marchena could avoid a booking. He was lucky not to get sent off after handling in the penalty area shortly before half time. Note to him - scoring a goal does not mean I will overlook your stupidity). Still, Sevilla levelled things up on 35 minutes. They started the game without Diego Capel, but similarly to last week, the manager felt he was needed and called him on. Sevilla look a totally different side with him on the wing.

They suffered the cruelest of fates though. Just minutes before the final whistle, the conceded a second goal. The goal that knocked the holders out of the cup and meant Sevilla progress to the semi finals. I would wish them luck, but right now, the only words going round in my head are 'fuck you'.


Venice said...

So much heartbreak I don't know what to say :-( the Liverpool game was just chaos, seriously, can't I support a normal team with a normal manager for once? Or will it never change ... :-(
And I'm gutted to hear about Valencia, I know how much they mean to you....!

Vanilla Bear said...

Aw Valencia :( I don't know what to say, I know words won't console you :S maybe Vicente will find a way though... ;;

And as for Liverpool.. I think the less said the better >:(