Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Weekend round up

Ok, I realise this is a bit late. It very nearly didn't even get typed up, that is how shitty the footballing weekend was. Not ONE result went the way I wanted it to go. This isn't even going to be a proper match report, because I don't want to go into what happened in the games.

The Valencia game...yeah, total disaster. They lost (in the DYING MINUTES!!!) because Fernandes felt the need to give a penalty away and get himself sent off. Ugh. Like Valencia didn't have enough players missing. The horror started way before that though. Renan hurt himself taking a goal kick and had to be subbed off in the 40th minute. Now there's reports that he's going to be out for 4-6 weeks. Excuse me while I go cliff myself. Not that I don't have faith in Guaita. It's just...baby keeper with THAT defence? Yeah, doesn't exactly fill me with confidence. Then Dahveed asked to be subbed off in the second half because he felt a little off. He's said he'll be ok for the Copa game tomorrow though. Thank God. The one thing that baffled me more than anything though - Vicente played an absolute BLINDER against Racing. He was all over the pitch. He scored twice (the second of which effectively put Valencia through to the next round) and yet Emery left him on the bench. As if that wasn't confusing enough...he then didn't play him until the 80th minute or something equally ridiculous. I mean come on, he's one of the best left wingers in the business, you're really going to leave him on the bench when you need goals? I'm going to leave the ranting about the defence for another day. It'll probably be a long post.

And then. Then, there was Liverpool. A win would have taken them to the top of the table. They nearly got it. Yossi gave away an absolutely stupid corner in the 85th minute or thereabouts. Tim Cahill scored the equaliser from said corner. The Liverpool defence - they did a Valencia and just went missing. Well, not missing. They were there, but not one of them was marking Cahill. I mean, of all the players to leave unmarked in the box, you pick Cahill. The most dangerous player in the Everton team when it comes to set pieces, and you just leave him to score the goal that would guarantee Man U remained top. I despair sometimes, I really do. Stevie's goal was great, and was probably one of the only highlights of the game. Nando missed an absolute sitter in the first half. Robbie Keane - the less said about him, the better. You know things are bad when you see your team pay £20mil for a striker and then don't even realise he was playing until he was subbed off. Just please, sort it out boys. You're too close now to throw it all away.


Vanilla Bear said...

Uh oh... Emery left Vicente on the bench? Does that mean Unai won't be seeing any Gina action until Vic is reinstated? ;) hehe

And I can't really talk about the Liverpool game atm, it's too sad (but saw it coming nonetheless) *mixed Cahill feelings....*

Venice said...

We can never have it easy with Liverpool, it's just written in the stars like that. It has to be a rocky road to success. But I believe in this team and they can take it all the way.

Losing in dying minutes or extra time should be fined. Like seriously, I'd punish them for conceding - your weekly pay, hand it over mister. From all of them. It's not like they'll be starving for bread anyway.