Monday, 26 January 2009

The Valencia skillz train...

Because I clearly have nothing better to do with my time (no, I really don't need to revise for the exams I have coming up...) I decided to go on a video hunt on youtube to find my fave players showing serious skillz. Now, I was lucky enough to come across one that shows my four fave Valencia boys showing skillz so I figured I'd post it. I mean, we all know I love the Valencia attack force.

David Villa is possibly one of the best strikers in the world right now. He has a natural goal scoring instinct, he can score penalties, free kicks and goals from open play. It's not just his goals that are important though, he provides many assists, he holds the ball up well and he's generally a pain in defenders' backsides. When he's not there, it is sometimes difficult to see where the goals are going to come from. That's not taking anything away from the rest of the team, but he is one of those players who defenders see on the teamsheet and shit themselves.

David Silva is possibly one of the best left wingers in Spain right now. He scores goals, he tricks his way past defenders and he wins a lot of fouls. Add in the fact that he is also more than capable of holding his own in a fight, you've got the perfect ingredients for a winger. They are potentially the most abused players on the pitch because they are the most dangerous. He was one of the players of the tournament for Spain during the Euros, but didn't get as much recognition as the other stars. Still, for his first major tournament, the boy did good.

Joaquin is easily one of the best right wingers in Spain. Valencia look a poorer side when he's not in the team, bossing the right wing. Again, he not only provides assists (and lots of them I might add) but he's also known to score the odd goal too. He really should be part of the Spain NT. There's not many players who can do it better than him, and the right wing is somewhere that could do with a little help. Him and Sergio Ramos running up and down there? Yeah, I'd hate to be the defender having to deal with that...

And then...then we have Vicente. I don't even know where to begin with him. Before he got injured, he was the best left winger in Spain. Nobody came close. He had the speed, the agility, the skillz, just the whole package. He was a joy to watch. That's not to say anything has changed, he's still one of my favourite players. He still bosses the left wing when he plays. Injuries aside, he could have become the best left winger in the world, but he missed out on what were arguably his best years.

Renan is probably a good 60% of the reason Valencia had such a great start to the season. Last year, they were missing a class goalkeeper who could bail the defence out when they needed it. And as much as it pains me to admit, the Valencia defence does need bailing out a lot. He makes some absolutely impossible saves and the team looks a lot more solid at the back when he's in goal. They've conceded far fewer goals this year than they did last year with more or less the same defence.

There's not all that many videos of the defence. Probably because they're not a very skillful bunch. I mean, sure, they defend, but there's no trickery, no noticable skillz like the strikers and midfielders. Probably just as well. It won't do to have them screw everything up because they decide to try about 40 stepovers with a striker from the opposition snapping at their heels. For the most part, they do the job they're paid to do and stop the goals going in.

Coming up next...The Liverpool Skillz train.


Vanilla Bear said...

Omg that Renan video - Spanish pop punk? Spanish emo?? haha

Aww Valencia are def awesome Gina, reading your blog is an education lol. And to think I didn't even know they existed this time last year :O

Sarah said...

I agree, I love your enthusiasm for the Valencia boys. It makes me enthusiastic! We all know I'm not very picky when it comes to la Liga teams, I kind of like them all, but Valencia are def up there on my faves list thanks to you. :D