Friday, 30 January 2009

The Liverpool skillz train...

Ok, so when I did the Valencia post, I promised I would do a Liverpool one too, and this is it. First off, we can start with a recent bit of skill, because it is practically orgasmic.

That goal has got to be one of the best worked things I have ever seen. Nando's ball control, Stevie's composure. Just guh. I love them.

Anyway, one of my favourite playes in the squad is without a doubt Fernando Torres. He has skills beyond what is expected of any striker. He's capable of scoring, yes, but that's not all he does for the team. He is tall and strong, able to hold off defenders and in his first season in the Premier League, he was on fire. He became the highest scoring foreign player in a debut season, proving his class with a range of different goals. He was also one of the most important players for his country at the Euros. He scored the winning goal in the final, ensuring Spain got their first silverware for 44 years.

And of course, you can't mention skillz without mentioning Steven Gerrard. The midfielder has often been the saving grace for Liverpool, with influential performances in the games that truly mattered. He makes last ditch tackles, scores goals, commands the midfield and all with ease. There's no wonder he's a fans favourite with performances that win his team games and boost morale.

Then we have Xabi Alonso. Easily one of the best passers in the game, Liverpool's midfield suffers without his presence. In the CL winning season, the partnership he formed with Gerrard saw them control games from midfield, and his dip in form coincided with a poor run for Liverpool too. As well as this, he scores from his own half.

And then we have Daniel Agger. Due to injuries, we've not seen much of Dagger in the past season and a half, but his talent and importance to the team are undisputed. He is also capable of unleashing a fierce shot, as West Ham will tell you. Or you could just watch this:

There's basically so many skillful players in the Liverpool team, I would find it virtually impossible to show them all, but that doesn't mean I rate them any less. Pepe has been our most consistent keeper for years, the rest of the defence is solid and does a great job keeping the goals out, and the midfield is one of the best in the Prem on their day.


Venice said...

Thanks for putting this post up! Almost two years ago, when talking to a friend about Liverpool, he described them as 10 runners + Gerrard, implying that they're trying to compensate for the lack of skill or guile with athleticism. To be honest, you could never say they play "beautiful football" like Barcelona or Arsenal. But that doesn't mean they lack in skill or technique.

Vanilla Bear said...

Liverpool are sooo skilled, just sometimes (like against, I don't know, Wigan?) they decide not to bother. I don't understand.

Nando and Stevie are often amazing.