Thursday, 15 January 2009

It's spreading

The 'bitch please' is spreading. Dahveed is teaching them well. And really, I just posted this pic cos I don't want to end the Vicente droolfest just yet. Any ideas on what he's bitchfacing about? If you think of anything, please let me know, I could do with a giggle while I recover from my cold. Yes, it's still here. Yes, it's the same one I had this time two weeks ago. And it's really annoying me now. I can't even remember things any more :(

Last night, I had a dream about Vicente. It must have been a good one. Sadly, all I remember from it is the following:
I was watching the game last night and when it ended, I pushed past all the security people and ran onto the pitch and jumped on Vic's back. And he didn't have any base layers on, cos I remember kissing the bat tattoo.
If only I could remember the rest...


peachie said...

with niko on venice's blog and vicente here i'm a little overwhelmed with extreme sexy bitch facedness. i will retreat to my normal world where my ballers look like toucans and do odd pigeon dances. lol @ your dream btw, fun!

Vanilla Bear said...

I really want one of those scarf things with a nifty toggle! They look so warm! And sexy (on Vicente that is, not so much on me lol)

Venice said...

It was a good couple of days for sexy bitch facedness. The Valencia boys seem to be masters of the craft though, my boys need a lot more practice to be mentioned in the same sentence.

Oh why is he so handsome? *can't resist kinda swooning*