Sunday, 1 February 2009

Weekend round up

FUCK YEAH! This weekend was totally epic in so many ways. I mean, first off, Rafa won the tennis. This made me pretty darn happy. It was down to the football to carry that good mood on. While the rest of the world may have laughed, I was adamant both my teams could win their games.

Liverpool were at home to Chelsea. Winning would take them back up to second, and two points behind Man U, albeit with a game more. The game was a typical Liverpool-Chelsea encounter for the first 60 mins or so. Liverpool had the better chances, Cech was the busier keeper, but the score remained 0-0. Then a tackle from Lampard on Alonso earned him a red card and left Chelsea down to 10 men. Many may say that it was not a challenge worthy of a red because he clearly got the ball, but quite frankly, I don't give a shit how much of the ball he got. The fact of the matter is his foot was way too high off the ground for it to be deemed safe play and had Alonso's foot been planted on the ground, that was a sure leg breaking tackle. Correct me if I'm wrong, but breaking someone's leg, whether accidentally or not, is serious foul play and that is a red card offence. Still, I won't get into that, because Gerrard should arguably have gotten the same punishment later in the game for a similarly ugly tackle.

Anyway, after all that time of just no goals, there was only ever going to be one man to change the score. Back from injury and hungry for goals, Fernando Torres did not disappoint the adoring Kop, scoring the first goal of the game in the 89th minute. Just a few minutes later, he was scoring the second, sealing the result and keeping the Kop singing. Aside from the controversy surrounding the red card, there was nothing Chelsea fans could say about the game, it was one which was dominated by Liverpool from start to finish and the red team deservedly walked away with all three points in the bag.

Also, before I move on, can I just say how utterly VILE Bosingwa is? What he did was just inexcusable, I don't give a flying crap if Yossi was stalling by the corner flag, lifting your foot onto his back and kicking him to the ground is just NOT ON. I want to know what the fuck the assistant referee was thinking when he chose to ignore that really rather red cardable offence.

Valencia climbed closer to third place with a hard fought win over Almeria. Joaquin opened the scoring on 6 minutes, but it was a tense game. Almeria equalised on 22 minutes through Negredo. Their joy wasn't to last long though, a foul on Mata in the penalty box giving Dahveed Veeyah the chance to put Valencia 2-1 up, and he did exactly that. The first half finished 2-1 to the home team.

The second half was just as tense and closely fought, and Valencia extended their lead on 62 minutes, again, Veeyah with the goal. Their 2 goal cushion was short lived though, Almeria reducing the defecit just 3 minutes later with Negredo also getting his second.

The Valencia defence could still do with a lot of work, and they sorely miss the presence of Alexis and Albiol. Marchena is far too temperamental and it was his error that lead to Almeria's second. However, Cesar was looking quite impressive for a goalkeeper who has not played too many games in recent times. That's not to say Valencia don't miss Renan, because they do, but Cesar should give the faltering back four a bit more confidence. Dahveed missed a chance to get his hat trick goal, but Valencia got the 3-2 win.

And basically, the weekend was great. Both my football teams won for the first time in ages, Rafa won the tennis and I am happy.

3 comments: said...

Yay - great weekend for you Gina :D

Thank goodness Nando saved the 'Pool... and thank goodness Xabs didn't get injured.

And Dahveed!! Never ever get injured again, entiendes?
Of course - Joaquin is planting his feet firm on Gina's VCF top 5 :D

Vanilla Bear said...

It was a MOST excellent sporting weekend I must say! :D

Bosingwa totally should have been sent off for that, terrible. I'm so happy we beat them, it was just brilliant - even if we did have to wait for the dying minutes (again) Naaaando <3

Venice said...

Congratulations to Liverpool and Valencia, immense wins!

The sporting weekend could've been better for me :-s but I can't complain either...