Wednesday, 24 December 2008


I'm ill. Of all the bleeding times in the world, it had to be over xmas. I've been up all night, been sick twice and I feel generally crappy. I thought christmas was supposed to be fun? Anyway, I have to spend an evening with my parents (as if I wasn't ill enough already) and I'm not looking forward to it at all. I can barely heave myself off the sofa, never mind sit at the dinner table looking like a civilised person. Santa had better bring me an extra good present this year!


Vanilla Bear said...

Oh no Gina, is it a bug or food poisoning or something??? :( :( :( I'm so sorry you're unwell for Christmas, I hope you feel better really soon *hugs* lots of love xx

Sarah said...

Oh no! I'm sorry G :(

This Christmas really is turning out to be blah. I hope you get lots of amazing presents to make up for it!! said...

Aww Gina - hope you feel better soon, and hope Santa left you some gorge presents under your tree ;)
MWAHH!! xoxo

Venice said...

Ah no :-( I'd always get ill during the holidays as well and it would annoy me forever! I hope you're feeling better by now - you know, my granny thinks that food is the answer to most illnesses and seeing that it's Christmas - if that's true, I'm sure you'll recover fast.