Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Oh Stevie

It may not be the most appropriate pic considering the recent events, but it makes me laugh, and it's not even real. Like our Stevie would do anything of the sort. Having said that, I do feel partly responsible for this. I mean, just a few days ago, I post a pic of our Captain Fantastic looking like a mob boss of sorts, and then this happens. Still, I'm not going to comment on the incident itself. I am still refusing to believe he would do such a thing without some form of provocation at the very least. Right now, I am so pissed off with this whole situation, I'm just going to bite my tongue or I will say something I may regret later on. It just seems out of character for him, so there's something not quite right about this. Wonder if Liverpool being top of the table has anything to do with it...

I don't care about all the haters, he's still my captain and I still love him. One mistake doesn't make him a bad person, and had it been any regular guy, I doubt we'd even give a shit. I'm not in any way condoning what he did, there's never any excuse for using your fists, but I think the media are making a little too much of this. He got drunk, he allegedly assaulted someone. It happens. Deal with it. (I still think it was Lampard in disguise :P)


Misty Stilletto said...

Yeah I figured the whole thing was b*ll*cks and even if it isn't, I really don't see the big deal. Guess it was wrong place, wrong time and wrong friends.

Hopefully now he's been charged we can all move on and forget about it (you listening editor the The Scum).

I do like both pictures you've posted :o)

Vanilla Bear said...

Lol I think it's more likely JT in disguise! I like that version of events Gina, I'm going with it *thumbs up*

But seriously this whole story just made me sad. Stevie :(