Monday, 15 December 2008

Meet the boys - Part 1

Ok, a while ago, I promised myself that I would do a post on the Valencia squad as a sort of introduction to them for those who don't know much about the boys. It's not really like I know all that much if I'm honest, but I can give you the basics on each player. I'm going to do this in parts, because the squad is rather big and it'll take me forever to get through the whole lot. Also, no I am not going into detail about whether they are married or not (partly because I'd rather not think about it and partly because I only know about a few of them). Actually, I'm not going to go into detail at all about anything. I don't want to seem stalkerish. I only know a lot about the 'big name stars' like Dahveed, Silva and Vicente, and that info was hard enough to find! Now, enough the boys:

#13: Renan Brito Soares

Age: 23
DOB: 24/01/1985
Nationality: Brazilian
Height: 1.86m
Weight: 86kgs

#33: Vicente Guaita Panadero

Age: 21
DOB: 18/02/1987
Nationality: Spanish
Height: 1.90m
Weight: 80kgs

So, that's the goalkeepers out of the way. Tomorrow, the defenders take the spotlight. I would have done some today, but I want to keep them all together because it's less confusing that way.


Vanilla Bear said...

Oh Renan.. what went wrong between in motion and photograph? lol! Make sure you do include any juicy scandal gossip as and when Gina, if any of the Valencia boys have had any :D