Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Valencia are in trouble

It breaks my heart to see this club in so much trouble. Last season, their troubles were on the pitch. We all know how that panned out for them, one bad coach and team confidence was low, the results just weren't going their way. With the arrival of Unai Emery, that all seemed to change. The team made a fantastic start to the season and led the La Liga table for quite a few weeks, but recently, they have had a glitch in from and have dropped some points.

That's not the trouble they're in though. All summer, there was talk of the big names like Silva, Veeyah and Joaquin being sold to raise much needed funds. Somehow, they managed to hold onto these players, and now, they have until the end of the year to pay off part of the huge debts they're in. Basically, this could explain things much better than me. I know that goal.com isn't what you'd call a reliable source, but it's on the Valencia site too, so it must be true. I just can't translate it on there.

I just really hope that they can find a way out of this, because it would kill me to see this club fall apart because of something like this. Basically, the press are saying the only way out of this is to sell Villa, Silva and Joaquin. I think that's a load of shite. Fair enough, you sell them now, you get the money, you pay off some of the debt. What happens when you need more money, but you don't have those three around anymore? Do you keep selling? What happens when the team stops getting the results because they don't have the players to do it with? It's stupid saying all of the club's problems will be solved by selling their star names, because in the long term, it'll only cause more problems. Sure, things will be ok for a while, but what happens then? At least they had the sense to see that over the summer, and hopefully with their current form, they can get back into the CL and get sponsorship money from that. Just please don't let them go bankrupt. It will break my heart.


Vanilla Bear said...

Maybe the press are stirring it up just because the transfer window is coming up? :'( *Hopes*