Saturday, 6 December 2008

Weekend round up

You'll have to excuse the crappiness this week, I am too tired to actually write proper reports.
Find the match report on the Liverpool game here . I know it's lazy, but I wasn't here to watch the game because of stupid work, and it fails that I can't do proper match reports all the time now. They are still top of the table though. Hell yeah!

The Valencia game, I really don't want to comment on the first half. Or the second for that matter. Two words. Motherfucking. Tit. Also, how much do Barcugh dive? And that referee, total Barca fangirl. For real. And then the second half, as if to rub salt into the wound, Dani Alves scored. I mean really? You're going to do this to me Valencia. Dani Alves? And then Henry got his hat trick. So yeah, good day for Liverpool, bad day for Valencia. And bad day for my La Liga FFT. I wonder how badly I failed...

I'll do better next week, I promise. I'm just so tired today, and the one game I did watch went totally wrong for me, so basically, I have no desire to write about it. Sorry.


Pau said...

I couldnt see the Valencia game either, I dont have SKY anymore (meeeh) when I saw the score I wanted to cry, bad week defiently
In the bright side, jajaja I love the way you write, I am going to become a sports reporter and for real I want to have a style like yours, PiƱa you rock!

Vanilla Bear said...

Omg Barca dive so bad, like Manure grrrr