Thursday, 4 December 2008

Midweek round up

With one eye on the La Liga fixture against Barcelona this Saturday, Unai Emery selected a weakened side to play against Brugge. David Villa (who turned 27 yesterday, in case you didn't know) was left out completely, probably because he was so busy being not drunk last night, he couldn't make it in today. I kid, I kid, he's just too important to them to risk being injured before such a big game in the domestic league.

Basically, the first half was pap, it finished 1-0 to Brugge and Valencia weren't really playing like they wanted it. The second half saw Vicente brought on by Emery and suddenly, they were attacking, making forward runs and generally doing rather well. They got a goal to even the scores up at 1-1 and they carried on being the more attacking force. The left wing was the biggest attacking threat for Valencia. He's kind of good, that Vicente...
Also, just because I felt like it, I got this screen cap:
Oh. Sweet. Jesus. Brb, having heart attack. Or something which makes me feel short of breath and dizzy. (Oh, and the final score was 1-1)


Vanilla Bear said...

Vicente should bend over more often ;)