Friday, 12 December 2008

My champions

Now, I don't want to jinx anything, so I'm not going to say Liverpool WILL win the Prem this season. Sure, they're doing well, but anything goes in football. Instead, I thought I'd compile a list of reasons they deserve to win it/should win it. I'm sure there's more reasons, but I thought I'd stick to the credible ones.

  1. Man U are catching up and catching up fast in the race for the number of titles won. Like hell Liverpool are going to give up their place at the top to their most bitter rivals.
  2. They have made a great start to the season so far and have beaten 2 of the 3 main title contenders already. They have 6 points out of 6 against the other big 4 teams.
  3. The players deserve something for all the hard work they've put in over the years.
  4. Rafa B is a genius. He's won so many things with the club already. The title is the one thing everybody desperately wants to add to their collection.
  5. It's more than likely Sami's last year at the club. It'll be fantastic to reward all the years he's been with us with the title on what is potentially his last season.
  6. The fans have had a long wait and they're getting impatient. This is a club that should be winning title after title, and this is close to the best squad they've had in recent times. They should challenge now.
  7. All the homegrown players (well, Stevie and Carra) are desperate to see their club finally win the elusive #19.
  8. They're playing with a lot more hunger this year. They've won games that they would not have won last season and they have the belief that this is their year.
  9. It's an even number year. 2008. All good things happen on even numbers. NB - this is not scientifically proven fact, it's just a personal superstition. (BTW, Stevie = #8 shirt. Year ends with an 8. It's fate. Ok so the season technically ends in 2009, but it started in 2008)
  10. I said so. Of course, things always happen when I say so. If you don't believe me, ask Dani Alves. Everytime I mention him being kicked, he gets kicked.


GO said...

love the last one!!
can I add?
Xabi's looking hot and playing hotter:D said...

Ha - great list Gina - should email it to Rafa B soon.

Mmm... could you say that a certain broad-shouldered RM baller will take off his shirt and base layers, please?

Oh - wait do that to Dahveed first.

Vanilla Bear said...

I do feel good about our chances this year! It's still way early and we need to beat teams like Hull _._ but at least we beat Manure and Chelski, am a bit worried about the Arse this weekend though - come on boys!!

Venice said...

You have a case in point Gina! I also have a good feeling about the chances for the title this year... mainly because Liverpool are actually playing sharp and when they aren't, neither are other top teams! Halfway season is coming up, and Pool are still at the top - it can't be for nothing, can it?

Dani.PLQ x said...

loves the last one !