Thursday, 18 December 2008

Excuse me while my ovaries explode of cute

I love these boys. So, SO much. I mean, not only are they doing this, they actually look like they want to be there. My heart melted, seriously. I know that xmas in hospital must suck, and I really hope all the kiddies get better soon and get to go home.

I did want the full size versions to put up here, but the site is being mean and not letting me access them. Actually, it's probably saving my life, I would actually explode of cute if I saw these any bigger.

3 comments: said...

seriously - the Valencia boys are just... *melts into goo*
hope their visit cheered up the sick kiddies, and they could get well soon :D

Venice said...

I share your excitement, this is beyond cute!

Vanilla Bear said...

Aww very cute! However I think they should have been made to dress up like Santa or elves :D Then when the kids are older they can look back on the photos and their mum and dad can be like 'No Jose, that was not Santa, it was Dahveed Veeyah!'