Thursday, 4 December 2008

Somebody call You've Been Framed!

Serious, get me a permanent slot on that show. I could single handedly keep it alive. It was all wet and icky today (let's face it, this is England) and I have to cross this underpass thingy to get to my platform at the station. You know what's coming, right? Yeah, here's me minding my own business and walking down this thing when all of a sudden I slipped and went sliding all the way down to the bottom on my arse. Embarassing much? Well, you'll be glad to know that other than a brusied ego, I'm fine.


Vanilla Bear said...

Aww G, I'm glad you won't be on You've Been Framed because that would mean some random would have to have been filming you.... :O said...

OMG - are you OK?
Bruised ego can heal but just a bit concerned that someone (who is kind of accident prone too) in another country might have experienced the same thing!