Thursday, 12 February 2009

International round up

So it was a game that everyone had been looking forward to for quite some time. Had it not been for my rescheduled exam, I am sure that I would have been there watching it live. As it stands, I had to make do with watching the game on the telly with some quite blatant bias in favour of England, who were quite simply outclassed on the night.

The away team started out brightly enough, they had their share of the possession and they were holding their own against Spain. However, as the game wore on, it became more and more clear that England's makeshift side (enforced by injuries to kepy players such as Steven Gerrard) were not equal to Spain, and the hom team began to dominate possession and the midfield. On 36 minutes, they were 1-0 up. Xabi Alonso threaded a beautiful pass to Dahveed, who turned Jagielka inside out before calmly slotting the ball past David James. Say what you like about him, but for any striker to score in 6 consecutive internationals, that's some achievement. And his footwork for the goal was just out of this world amazing.

He was just all over the pitch, and I am so proud that it was my boys that created that goal. Veeyah would work pretty well at Liverpool. I just really don't want him leaving Valencia. Even though seeing this every week...that would be great.

The two Davids didn't get to play together, Silva came on for Veeyah after 56 minutes. It was kind of upsetting. They didn't even hug properly :(
The other Fernando scored the second after 82 minutes, but it was only adding insult to injury. The game had already been won. The Spaniards were so confident in their own ability, they played the final 5 minutes with 10 men. Ok, so not through choice. They'd made the allowed number of substitutions already and Llorente injured himself. No matter, they dealt just fine, thank you. Marchena even defended. HE DEFENDED!!!!


Vanilla Bear said...

God damn Marchena, of all your games you choose THIS one to actually do your job properly? Typical!

I was really disappointed we couldn't do the business against Spain, but unlike every other international defeat where I can come away cursing the opposition and feel no need to be fair and hand them their dues, because it's Spain, I can say they were awesome and deserved to win. Viva Espana!