Thursday, 26 February 2009

Midweek round up

Liverpool were amaze. I love Yossi. My thinner beaver ♥
I'm going to be sensitive to the Real Madrid fans that I know read my blog and I won't say anything else. You know where to go for the official views on the game by now anyway.

Valencia. Hmm. Unai is totally in my bad books right now. He had a massive talk with Vicente about this like 3 days ago, yet STILL he does not let the boy play. Why the fuck not? What's going on? If you can find a way to accomodate Marchena in midfield, then damn right you can make room for Vicente! Jesus.

Dynamo went a goal up. Dahveed equalised. Goal disallowed for offside. Story of my (and Valencia's) life. And then...then MARCHENA SCORED!!! He's sort of my hero right now. No, it was not a case of mistaken identity, it actually was him. So, end of the 1st half, score 1-1. All even. If it finished like this then extra time beckoned.

Of course, Valencia don't do things like that. They went 2-1 up thanks to a goal from Del Horno, and then fucking threw it away. Again. The defence needs a serious kick up the backsides, because they are letting the team down. It's all fine and dnady scoring boys, but it means fuck all if you can't stop the opposition doing the same. And so 2-2, Valencia out of the UEFA cup and left to concentrate on La Liga and getting into the top 4. If you screw this up Unai...


GO said...

Ugh. couldn't see the Valencia game :( *cries*. Fortunat4 7I knew just the right place to read a match report :)
I really had my hopes up for this match *sigh*.
Oh well, I guess we just have to focus on the good parts and hope they take advantage of this experience and learn from their mistakes.
*is trying to be supportive*
Good job boys, don't let it get you! Keep on fighting!!!
*hugs and kisses all around the Valencia squad*
lol. I wish...

GO said...

edit. I mean "fortunately" not "fortunat4 7" that's a really really weird typo...

peachie said...

aw gina, you're too nice. i dont know if i'd be as good a sport as you're being. :D anyways, good job liverpool. we'll see you rd 2 at anfield..dun dun dun.

sorry about valencia :(