Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Well, this is pretty much old news. Very old news in fact. But I just wanted to go back to the days when Liverpool won things, Stevie and Xabi were very much in love and all was right in the world.

It was the kiss that sent the slash world into overdrive and all the fangirls went totally gaga over it. I was one of said fangirls. I did have the video clip of this too, but I don't remember where I've put it. Sad days :(

Oh boys. I miss those days. Please make everything better again.


Vanilla Bear said...

Aww before Nando came along and stole Stevie's heart hehe

Vanilla Bear said...

Also, Stevie is so slutty for Spaniards haha

peachie said...

music the picked is the best. lol

Misty Stilletto said...

Aw, I love it, still, even after all these years. In fact I love it more now.