Tuesday, 3 February 2009

What. The. Fuck.

I totally meant to blog on this yesterday, but I got so caught up in the excitement of the snow, I sorta...forgot.

Anyway, I would just like to say that the FA is a load of bullshit. I pretty much knew they were incompetant twats for the most part anyway because of the number of things they have dealt with all wrong in the past few years especially, but this takes the biscuit! How the hell can you send Frank Lampard off for making contact with the ball (I still think it was justified btw, and I would say the same had it been a Liverpool player tackling a Chelsea player) and not send Bosingwa off for kicking Yossi to the ground with absolutely NO intention of even going for the ball?? I mean, has the world gone mad?

Now, I understand that the FA cannot do anything about it because the incident was spotted by match officials, which begs the question, WHY THE HELL DID THEY NOT SEND HIM OFF???? Was it Mike Riley re-evaluating Lampard's red card, thinking he was probably wrong about it and deciding to be lenient for the rest of the game? Because if that's the case, let me tell you, football does not work like that. Bosingwa's foul (which was totally the wrong sport, I don't get where karate comes into football) was a red card offence whichever angle you look at it from. He made no attempt to play the ball and he stuck his studs, albeit gently, into a fellow professional's back and kicked him to the ground. He should go.

To really rub salt into the wound, I am almost certain Lampard will get his red card rescinded, which means that Chelsea will get away without losing any key players. If you ask me, if they're that desperate to get Lampard's card rescinded, they should ask the FA to transfer it to Bosingwa instead so he can serve out the suspension he should be serving. If not, let Lampard serve it out. At the end of the day, ONE of them should serve out the ban, and if the FA aren't going to make sure the correct one does, then the other one can. I'm sorry, but fair is fair.


Sarah said...

I agree, that was a horrendously stupid tackle...can you even call it a tackle? I dunno.

The Lampard one is more difficult to judge so I can understand the controversy over it. But Unibrow deserved to go.

Vanilla Bear said...

I'm so mad about this, poor Yossi! *Feels protective over the thinner faced beaver*

Unibrow is going down *loads shotgun*

Misty Stilletto said...

Complete bollocks that he got away with it.

Fair is fair, the FA however are not.

peachie said...

yeah, i finally saw this. disgusting. if you let players get away with stuff like this that's when people start getting hurt. FA fail.

Venice said...

It was not a tackle, it was an assault! So ridiculous!