Monday, 2 February 2009

Look at the snow!! Part 2

So, because London currently looks like this:
there is no transport running, the roads are clogged with cars that are barely crawling two inches per hour and my exam is totally cancelled :D

The whole country has pretty much come to a standstill, people can't go to work, kids can't go to school. It's a happy happy day. I'm just planning on staying here to enjoy the wonders of snow, and I might venture out for a walk later on. I wasn't cool enough to make a snowman like Vanilla Bear did. That and I didn't want to ruin the pretty white blanket in my back garden.

I don't even remember the last time I saw this much snow, it's just wonderful. And I come from Bulgaria, where snow like this is pretty normal on a regular basis over the winter months. It's the biggest snowfall in the UK since the winter of 1991, there's so much of it, I sink in to my calved when I try to walk. Funnily enough, it's not even that cold out. I just want to go out and play in the snow like the immature child I am.

7 comments: said...

(gushes) These pics are too pretty!
Why would pretty snow have to cause havoc on the traffic?

But this means that the kiddies could go out and play in the snow :D
Come on Gina - you could be a snow angel!

Vanilla Bear said...

Yay! Aw Gina, I don't think I could resist that blanket - go and run around in it, make snow people and snow angels and be generally childish. Do it, it's so fun. I felt like I was 10 again!

Sarah said...

Everyone's being childish today, you have to join in! I love how people see snow and turn into little kids again. It's a magical thing!! :D

Venice said...

You lucky girls!
But I'm glad I'm not in your place right now. IMO, snow in the city = fail. More trouble than it's worth it.

I lost the magic in me :-(

LoveLamps said...

Absolutely beautiful! Enjoy it!

Misty Stilletto said...

Hate snow, but love making snow angels!!!

peachie said...

it looks so calm and peaceful. very pretty photos