Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Spain vs England!

So, big game on tonight, as I'm sure you all knew anyway. I'm going to be totally torn. My head tells me I should cheer for England, but my heart tells me to go for Spain. It totally sucks, because really, I don't want either team to lose. If possible, I'd have liked both teams to win. Obviously, the Liverpool and Valencia contingent in the Spain NT makes my decision a little easier. Everybody knows I am club over country. I just hope all of my boys make it back home in one piece. Any injuries and there will be hell to pay. I'm sick and tired of seeing these 'international friendlies' leading to weeks on end with key players missing. I'm especially worried about both strikers, seeing as Liverpool basically don't function without Nando and Valencia don't function without Veeyah. And the entire England defence is made up of Man U and Chelsea players. We all know who the title fight is between. Torres gets injured, give the Prem to Liverpool because if that's not sabotage, I don't know what is.


Vanilla Bear said...

Come on Gina, get in the spirit!