Wednesday, 8 October 2008

<3 Dahveed Veeyah

By this point, you will have realised (as if you didn't know it already) that I love Dahveed Veeyah. He wins points for playing for Valencia, although I'm pretty sure I'd like him just as much if he didn't. After all, it's his skillz I love the most...

A list of things I love about him includes the following:
1. He's a great striker and he scores lots of important goals
2. He's a family man and he's loyal to his family and his teams
3. He's a total manwhore which brings many manlove moments
4. He's the devil in disguise and he’s totally badass on the outside but a softie on the inside
5. He's gorgeous, he has the most perfect hip dips and pulls great sex faces
6. He very nearly wasn't able to play pro football but he never gave up
7. He’s the exact same height as me so I don’t have to crane my neck to look into his eyes
8. He’s man enough to wear pink
9. He’s always conserving energy by not smiling – brooding is hot!
10. He sounds uber sexy speaking Spanish which made me finally get my ass into gear and start learning it.

See how I put the skillz at the top? Yeah, they're uber important. If you can't play football, I don't care how hot you are, you'll never make it on the list. No, I don't know which list exactly...but it's an important one.

Anyway, some pictoral evidence for the above points, just so I can prove I'm right. And you know, just because I feel like it.

The lip biting

The hip dipsBeing all attentive daddy

Looking impossibly hot while drinking

Actually, looking impossibly hot in general

And that is basically just a few of the reasons I love him. I could probably sit here all day and gush, but I won't put you through that. And maybe if you're lucky, you'll get a post about his skillz on the pitch rather than off it soon.


Lucy said...

Aw Gina and Dahveed, so MFEO! I'm wondering how you'll be able to stop yourself mentioning him in all your posts G lol

V. Adeline said...

Awww... how cute Dahveed and Zaida look.
I feel so sorry for Zaida future suitors.
Dahveed looks like an over-protective Dad.
And don't forget the suitors might also need blessings from tio Vicente, and little tios Silva and Mata.

Stephanie said...

Brooding is very hot!