Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Seriously?? I have been laughing non stop about this since I got the google alert this morning. The mere notion of it is Seriously, think about it. Dahveed has scored something like 19 goals for them already. He IS Valencia atm, when he's not on the pitch, they fail in a big way lately. Hell, they fail when he IS there sometimes, because one man alone cannot do the job of 10 others. But the thought of him I know that he's the main player that can bring in the money, and I get that. But come on, I think you need him a lot more than you need the money Valencia. Especially if you're going to consider bringing in Voronin as a replacement. I know that sounds like a stupid statement considering the extent of their debts, but honestly, there is only so much the money they're going to get from selling him is going to do. And when that's gone, it's the same old mess all over again, only this time, they don't have someone of his class to pull them into at least mid table mediocrity. I want them to stay true to what they've said and only sell if they absolutely HAVE to.

Liverpool. Please do not agree to this. I am counting on you. Rafa B, I know Valencia means something to you. Keep their hopes alive, please do not make them have to play with Voronin up front. He may be a good player, but he didn't work at Liverpool and I doubt he'll work at Valencia. Just sell him to Hertha, he seems to be doing ok for himself there. God, if this is what I have to put up with from now, it is going to be a long and painful summer. I think I might just hibernate it away.


LS said...

Whaaaa???? That's funny. I'll start keeping an eye on ESPN they seem to have more far fetched rumours than