Thursday, 12 March 2009

Thigh off results - part 2!

So the polls are now closed. The votes have been counted. The finalists are known (well to me anyway. I'm sure a lot of you have figured out whose thighs they are too). The winners are as follows:

Thigh off 7 - Thigh B
Tough luck to Kun. He was outvoted. A lot. Still, the thigh in the final is more than worthy.

Thigh off 8 - Thigh A
Another almost complete whitewash of votes. Carleto just got the one vote. Tough luck kiddo.

Thigh off 9 - Thigh A
This was SO close. SO effing close. But, with one vote more, thigh A beat Sergio.

The finalists are going to need some time to prepare, but come Sunday, it's going to be open for battle. I'm going to have to do some serious studying of thighs to pick the best pic. Oh, the chore.