Thursday, 5 March 2009

Thigh off results!

Ok, so the first round of the thigh off is now closed. I'm not going to reveal who's thighs won, but the losing thighs have been named. The votes have been counted and the results are as follows:

Thigh off 1 winner - Thigh A.
Nando's thighs put up a good fight, but they were just edged out with 8 votes to 6.

Thigh off 2 winner - Thigh A.
Poor Xavi. This was the closest fought thigh off, but with 6 votes to the winners' 7, he's out at the first hurdle.

Thigh off 3 winner - Thigh B.
Frank only got 2 votes in this, but that doesn't mean anything really. They're still hot thighs!

Thigh off 4 winner - Thigh A.
Baby Mata still has a fair way to go to equal the standards of the winning thigh. Still he got a very respectable 6 of the 14 votes.

Thigh off 5 winner - Thigh A.
This was another pretty one sided contest, Mori lost out. Don't worry, you're still a winner in my heart.

Thigh off 6 winner - Thigh A.
I am really shocked by this. Stevie only got 2 votes :O

Anyway, the first part of the next round will be up later today. Because I didn't think this through too well (i.e. didn't think that I'd only end up with 3 thighs going through here) the final is going to be a three way thing. Votes for the first part of the next round will open as soon as the post goes up, and they will remain open until 00.01GMT on Sunday. Then the second part will close a day later and the final part will close at 00.01GMT on Tuesday.


LoveLamps said...

Yes Frank's thighs are perfect and if no one else agrees, that's more Frank for me! :)