Thursday, 19 March 2009

Please stop, I can't take anymore.

Fuck you.

There's so many things wrong with that article, I don't even know where to begin. The Davids must not under any circumstances leave. Both are far too important to the team and when they are on form, they're unstoppable. Fuck right off if you think Vicente's going anywhere. That guy bleeds Valencia. He wouldn't leave no matter how many people were after him. Honestly, I don't want Joaquin leaving either, but out of those four, he's the one I'd sacrifice. Also, since when is 27 years old, well...old? That's the same fucking age as Veeyah. Don't be so rude. Mata needs to stay to help build the future of the team. You can't get rid of all three left wingers, don't be so fucking stupid. Actually, according to this article, they're basically selling off all the attacking players. And who's going to score your goals, geniuses? Marchena? Don't make me laugh. They need to keep hold of Fernandes too, because Baraja and Albelda are getting old, and they're not the powerhouses they were 5 years ago. But then again, if he wants to leave, then get some kind of bidding war going and at least get some good money for him. Miguel - well, Valencia's defence needs a lot of work, that's no secret. If he goes, I don't see who's going to take his place out of the current squad. Maduro usually covers, but he's not a defender and it's unfair to expect him to play as such. And Albiol leaving? Aside from Alexis, he is the only defender capable of DEFENDING. Yes, he has been fail of late, but come on. They cannot all be perfect the whole motherfucking time.

And then we come to this:
"Warhorses such as Ruben Baraja, David Albelda, Miguel Angulo and Carlos Marchena are likely to follow the club right the way down to the ground. Because that's where they're heading, and what a shameful moment it will be for Spanish football."

Fuck. You. They are not heading into the ground. They have come back from things much worse than this. Just shut up if you don't know what you're talking about. Baraja couldn't have said it any better. All of this transfer speculation and talking like the club is already condemned is just downright disrespectful. There's still another 11 games of the season left, they can turn it around and make the CL places. I know they can. I have faith.


LS said...

I can't believe it. I'm angry. What a knob! That's worse than anything Cesar could ever come up with. I don't actually know where to begin. He shouldn't be writing and I don't know how many clubs he managed to offend in that article. What a gloater! He might as well have got his fucking RM shirt out because it couldn't have been more fucking obvious if you'd put a flashing sign above it.
David Villa is 27! Twenty fucking seven! Frank Lampard is the same age! And he's still touted as one of the best in the EPL. The considerably younger Silva fuck me. He's 23!!! 4 years younger. He makes it sound like Villa is on his last legs and might as well go into retirement now. As for accusing him of not leaving earlier, jeez! Maybe on the off chance he may have wanted to stay because he's loyal like that? Didn't cross his fucking mind????? Twat. All that I agree with is it was Soler. It was all Soler. Where is he these days? Witness protection? Underground counting the cash he made from this shite?

It's not a bad squad, even if many of the recent signings have left something to be desired.
Oh Jesus Christ on a bike. This is pathetic. First he claims the squad is useless and then he contridicts himself (probably after searching Wiki for the national team)by using the fact the NT used a handful of Valencia players? Twat with a capital T.

Since falling off the international radar as they did last season, Valencia are now a club known only for two players: David Villa and David Silva. The rest may not as well exist.
Oh hell! Fuck you right and royally. Valencia are a TEAM as far as I'm concerned both Davids are part of that team. They are NOT THE TEAM they are part of the team. Fucking knob. Oh and tell the rest of them that they're insignificant!!! Well done, as if morale isn't already shot to hell.

His loyalty to Valencia has been commendable, if not somewhat dumbfounding. It's not his hometown club... TWAT!!! So the fact that Villa wants to stay at Valencia regardless of the situation makes him strange? What the hell! Kaka wasn't born in AC Milan colours yet he would never leave them. Not every damn player is a mercenery. Dear God.

The player himself has said very little Oh really? You see, Sulmaan, I seem to remember that nearly every press conference since and during the Euros has been about Villa. Will he stay at Valencia or go off to Liverpool with Torres? And I also remember, my Spanish isn't good, but he seemed to say that he loved Spain and couldn't imagine himself leaving? Did you see that one? Oh ho noooo. You wouldn't have because its happy news for Valencia fans and don't do happy Valencia news.

Real Madrid were close to signing him last summer, but wouldn't go the extra mile that was being asked of them by Soriano, who was all too eager to keep new coach Unai Emery on his good side. Now, the Merengues have brought in Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, who is scoring goals as freely as he did in the Eredivisie. Is there still room for Villa? Maybe . A bidding war of Clasico proportions for the country's finest could take place this summer. Real fucking Madrid fan. It had to be, that club know how to stir it. But unfortunately they keep watching other teams winning and not looking at their own.

Any kind of substantial recognition is otherwise sparse when concerning the remaining players at the club. Warhorses such as Ruben Baraja, David Albelda, Miguel Angulo and Carlos Marchena are likely to follow the club right the way down to the ground. Because that's where they're heading, and what a shameful moment it will be for Spanish football. I. Don't. Think. So. Shameful!! Shameful?!!?! Shameful is you being a writer, shameful is the amount of bile you spat at Valencia and all the while careful to wedge in a mention about RM. Fuck right off.
How ironic that at the bottom of that article the ad by Google says 'Most Hated Footballers'. Valencia from backroom right up to fucking boardroom is what hate. They're not qualified to talk about football! They just annoy the hell out of everyone but RM and Barca because there's always a nice rumour to keep them going.

Sorry about the rant. Sorry about the length of the post.

Gina Villamelon said...

Honestly, I didn't even bother commenting on the rest of the article, there was too much bullshit to read through and correct, and I am so sick of having to read articles about Valencia from people who actually don't support the team, know fuck all about them or the players and seem to think that because everyone else is bashing them and hating on them, it's fine to do so. Fuck you. No it's not. You clearly don't know what you're talking about, so seriously, shut the fuck up.

27 is not old in footballing terms. In fact, most players (midfielders especially) don't even reach their fucking PEAK until this age. Peak meaning the top of their game. The best they will ever play. You know, that kind of thing. I honest to god do not know of a single player that has hit 27 and suddenly been cast off as a has been or a falling star. Vicente is 27, and he has missed the past 4 years of his career through some injury or another, yet despite all of that, 9 times out of 10, he is the best player on the pitch. I honestly believe he's better than Mata and Silva, who are 20 and 23 respectively.

The fact that it was Soler he pinned the blame on (and put a pic of him in so fans know who to target) was about the only thing I'm not going to complain about. I'm surprised he even got that right considering the amount of total bullshit he spouted for the rest of it. It's not even a well written article. Honestly, I could have written it better when I was 13.

I'm glad he thinks it's not a bad squad. He'd be fucking right. If they were a bad squad, would the biggest teams in the world be tripping over themselves to be first in the queue when the big name stars inevitably get put up for sale? I think perhaps not. And as for the recent signings being bad - in case he hadn't noticed, Valencia in general aren't doing too great at the moment, and they have a lot of people playing that have been there for years. That argument he has there - null and void.

Falling off the international radar? Sorry, what? Go on any footballing website, attempt to purchase a Valencia shirt and the chances are, you will find one. They are still very much on the international scene. I'd also like to point out that Valencia have the second largest number of Spanish internationals in their squad, just behind Liverpool. They're the La Liga team with the most Spanish internationals (well, them and Barca, but pft to them), so fuck you, read up on your facts before writing them and publishing for the world to read, yes?

The Villa thing. Don't even fucking get me STARTED on that. It's really that difficult to believe that he wants to stay because he loves the team and he likes playing for them? So fucking what if it's not his hometown club? You think many players stick around at their hometown clubs in this day and age? Get real. Football is money. For the most part, players go where the money is. Instead of criticising Villa for ignoring the money and staying loyal, how about you fucking commend the man for showing such loyalty to the team that has made him the footballer he is today. Jesus.

And if you read around even a little before writing this, you'd find about 500000000 articles in which Villa himself has said he wants to stay in Spain, and perhaps more importantly, wants to stay at Valencia. Like hello, he signed a contract extension until 2014. You know...the year it's going to be 5 years from now. You don't even have to look that hard for these articles, they are everywhere.

Real Madrid would probably give all the money in the world to have Villa in the teams, because Huntelaar is not in any way 'scoring goals freely' as you put it. Fair enough, he's scored 6 goals in ten games. But that's because he's new to these defenders, they don't know his play. Let's see how well he'll do in his second season, then we'll talk. Secondly, Raul is pretty old now, and as much as I love and respect him as a player, he's going to have to admit defeat sooner or later, because he's not the player he was and he can't play 38 full games in La Liga every season anymore. I agree that they do not need another striker though. Come to think of it, neither do Barca. Leave him be, he doesn't want to go. You'd have to be seven shades of retarded not to have got that through your thick skull by now.

I covered the last point in the actual blogpost, but I'll add to it. Shameful? That is what I'd describe this whole motherfucking article as. Call yourself a sports writer mate? Nah. I may be biased in favour of Valencia here, but everybody knows when they play shit, I criticise them. I don't have fucking rose tinted specs on but calling Valencia shameful for what they are going through right now is hardly fair. Those players go out every week and sweat blood for the team so don't you dare tell me that they are shameful. I'd put my house on the fact that stars in many other teams would have given up playing the second they stopped getting their paycheck, but every single one of these boys has continued to go out their and fight. Yes. they're losing games, and yes they are not performing anywhere NEAR the standards they should be performing at, but I am so fucking proud of every single one of them for being who they are, staying true to themselves and to the team and above all for ignoring motherfuckers like you and keeping the game of football a beautiful one. In every sense of the word.

LS said...

Obama had better watch out. What a speech/rant!
I guess I can't really say anything that you haven't already said.
*standing ovation*

Anna Clarice said...

"Warhorses such as Ruben Baraja, David Albelda, Miguel Angulo and Carlos Marchena are likely to follow the club right the way down to the ground. Because that's where they're heading, and what a shameful moment it will be for Spanish football."

I didn't want to comment anymore on the article because its the same old bs all over again. But these lines I couldn't take. THIS FUCKING ASS BETTER SHUT HIS BIG MOUTH. They will not go down to the ground and there is no shameful moment happening. Fuck off.

*takes a deep breath* I'm going to give you a standing ovation too. *claps*

Venice said...

Wow this is a serious read...
I just want to say I'm not a Valencia fan, certainly not the way you girls are, so I'm not so much in the know about them. I am aware however, of the difficult situation they are in now and offer my full support.
And I know it's been said a lot of times, but please don't take seriously. Or any of them. Aside from a handful of columnists, sports journalists are really lowest of teh low - and this is coming from a journalist so I know how they work.