Sunday, 1 March 2009

I want to make babies with Iker and Vicente

Ok, before I start this, just remember I have 2 clubs, so some answers will be about Liverpool and some will be about Valencia. I also have 2 NT's because my actual one sucks and I like jumping on bangwagons (not really, I just prefer club over country and Spain have more of my club player than England do). Just depends on the questions I guess...

A) 3 players you like who play for a rival team(s)
1) Phil Jagielka
2) Cesc Fabregas
3) Andres Palop

B) A player from a rival team that you would unfunfunfff
1) Iker Casillas

C) The player who got you into football
1) Michael Owen and Vicente

D) 2 players you dislike for club but like for country
1) Gerard Pique
2) Owen Hargreaves

E) A player who you used to like but not anymore
1) Joey Barton

F) A relatively unknown player who you are a fan of
1) Carlos Vela

G) A player who has grown on you
1) Santi Cazorla

H) A player you love who has left your club
1) Pablo Aimar

I) A player you could not stand who has left your club
1) El Hadji Diouf

J) 3 players who you liked for their talent before you considered their looks
1) Vicente
2) Steven Gerrard
3) Dahveed Veeyah (it was Kaka, but then Vanilla Bear pointed out I haven't answered Dahveed for anything. And I think I fancied Kaka before I appreciated his skillz...)

K) The one player you would 1000000000% put out for ;)
1) Vicente (gee whizz, what a shock...)

L) A player you like who plays in a league you don't follow
1) Kaka

M) 3 players who you don't understand the appeal of
1) Cristiano Ronaldo
2) Joe Hart
3) Michael Ballack

N) A player you like but is disliked by most
1) Xavi (I'm doing this based on looks cos everyone I like is super skilled and loved by all)

O) The player who you will love unconditionally no matter what
1) Ok, well this is turning into a bit of a one sided thing but...Vicente.

Now take the first names you answered for questions: A) L) J) and play a game of F/M/K!
Fuck: Kaka
Marry: Vicente
Kill: Phil Jagielka


Vanilla Bear said...

:O You didn't answer Dahveed for one question!

But Jagielka.... :|

peachie said...

so uh, do you like vicente or something?

<3 palop and vela too. good choices!

idrayang said...

i like your's say at number H
Pablo Aimar is my favorit

even iam Laziale

see my blog

Sarah said...

Good call on Joey Barton, what a psycho. And yay Vela!

Venice said...

Pretty much awesome answers - and hey! I want to make babies with Iker and Vicente too!
*ducks out of the way*