Friday, 6 March 2009

Are you kidding me Unai?!

So I read this today, and I have to say, I do not understand. Silva's out of the game most likely. He is a left winger. As far as I know, Michel is not. You have Vicente available to you. He's fit, he wants to play and now he has the perfect opportunity to play, and you're telling me they're going to start Michel? Unai, if this is true, you just got bumped so far up my 'do not like at this point in time' list, it's just not even funny. Seriously, what the hell does Vicente have to do to get a game?! Take out the rest of the midfield so he's your only option maybe? Oh no, wait, then you'd just play Marchena...I give up.


LS said...

Vicente is invisible. Maybe he's a figment of our imaginations. :P
Ack. That sucks. No Silva and no Morientes. I'm waiting for the day when Unai completely loses it and plays Marchena in an attacking role.