Thursday, 5 March 2009

Please god no.

I know it will eventually come to this. It has to. Valencia won't survive their ridic debts if they don't sell at least some of the players. I'm just glad they've finally admitted it needs to happen and there's a chance it WILL happen this summer. I think I might deal with it a lot better when it eventually happens if I've been prepared for this. Up until now, they were adamant that Veeyah and Silva are going to stay, but the fact of the matter is, they can't say that for sure, they just never know what's going to happen. It'll hurt like hell watching them play against Valencia. That's sort of why I want Dahveed to get over himself and agree to go and play for Liverpool. At least I could sort of deal then, he won't have to come up against former team mates and inflict the sort of punishment on them that I see him inflict on others on a weekly basis. Because really, can you imagine what would happen if Valencia had to play AGAINST him?! The defence can barely deal with strikers who are much less lethal than him. Boys, please make it into the CL. Maybe some money from there will mean you can keep them until at least January. *hopes and prays, but knows she's fighting a losing battle* I'm preparing myself for a long and painful summer of transfers.


LS said...

Its sad. And summer doesn't look like that much fun anymore but they have to sell if there is to be a Valencia CF by the end of the year.