Tuesday, 10 March 2009

When boredom strikes...

INSTRUCTIONS: Go to and www.urbandictionary.com type in your answer to each question in the search box, then write one definition it gives you.

1. Name: Gina
"A person deriving from the latin meaning 'Great'. This name often crops up in love poems as being the centre of love and is known for its soft sound when spoken. A truly beautiful name.
Gina is the love that revolves around my once aching heart."

Ok, well I kind of like the idea of being great. But er...that last sentence. Seriously, that should be the definition for Valencia!

And even though I'm only meant to post one, this cracked me up too much not to post it:

"Hardcore clubbing whore. Talks loudly. From a European background. Plasters on orange consealor, applies white cover up to lips. Chills on "Gino hill" in Canada's Wonderland then goes to Timmies in her boyfriend's Civic."

The only thing they got right is that I'm from a European background.

2. Age: 20
"The age at which one finally feels that the drinking age is actually somewhere in sight."

Er, I live in England. Legally, you can drink when you're 18 here so pft to that definition.

3. One of your friends: Louise
"The most evil dog bitch spawn of Satan ever to live. She is also said to steal the souls of young children in order to feed her albino daughter. "

That's just downright cruel. She's nothing like any of that stuff. Well, except maybe stealing the souls of young children part. She doesn't like kids much.

4. What I should be doing: studying
"A blend of the words "student" and "dying," used to convey the slow and painful methods schools use to corrupt the youth into socio-economic puppets."


5. Favorite color: Red
"This describes the condition of the person who has been smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol--they are red, as in red in the face (from the alcohol) AND/OR red in the eyes (from the marijuana)"

No comment.

6. Favorite Number/s: 8, 14
8: "8 is symbolic of eternity" See, Stevie WILL be around forever!
14: "It is a lucky number as it follows the unlucky number 13." Well, yes. It's Vicente's number.


Helle (footiegirl) said...

Hehehe, that was sooo much fun! Just made my afternoon so much more fun :o)
And this is me: Helle is a bikerchick trapped inside a japanese geisha....
Really? LOL

LS said...

LOL. I'm going to try this :P

senorita.blue said...

LMAO! This quiz is too funny :D :D
Urban dictionary is a very very scary place though.