Sunday, 19 April 2009

Holiday run down - part 1!

So, my holiday time is over, and yesterday, I got bumped back to reality with a 9 hour shift at work. After I'd spent all week walking around in Valencia, and with feet and a back that were verging on dead anyway, this was the last thing I needed, but I survived it somehow. Anyway, now I'm back to reality, I figured that I needed to hurry up and do a report about the holiday because a) if I leave it too long, I will forget all the best parts and b) I want to go back to dreamland, because reality sucks.

The first day in Valencia, I was pretty much a wreck. I'd only slept about 2 hours the night before and I was tired as hell, but somehow I managed to make it through the day without falling asleep. The flights were short and sweet and thankfully, they didn't lose my luggage! Typically, the machine beeped when I went through because of some metal parts on my jeans, which annoyed me no end. It's not exactly like I'm going to be stupid enough to bring in anything dangerous when I'm flying twice in one day. At a little before 2pm, I was on Spanish soil. There was no passport checks or anything, and we went straight through to get our luggage, which only took about 10 mins or so and then we were on our way to the hotel. The Metro in Valencia is so cool, it's all modern and clean and nothing like the English tube.

The hotel was a two minute walk from the tube station we had to get off at, which was quite handy seeing as we were lugging suitcases around. We went up to our room and unpacked. It was quite a small room, but pleasant all the same. There was a TV in there, which kind of made up for the lack of internet, but not really. I chose the bed on the left just so I could have a better view of the telly and was closer to the wardrobe because stuff like that is highly important.

After that, we went for a short walk around town to do some exploring, and seeng as it was already past 4 by the time we got out, it was a very short walk indeed because I didn't want to risk missing the Valencia game. The weather outside was LOVELY, it was like 19 degrees and sunny. Of course, my dad wasn't too pleased at having to cut his walk short so I could go and watch Valencia, but pft to him. I'm not going to go into the actual game because it's not really that relevant to the holiday side of things, but I do have to mention that Silva scored and ALEXIS KISSED HIM!!! *makes mental note to somehow find that game to download and screencap* Albiol was a bit of a fail. Typical that he carries on giving penalties away the week I buy him for my FFT. Watch him score this weekend now I've sold him. The Spanish commentators entertain me no end, they're so much funner than the English ones.

After the game, we went out for dinner in town. Sadly, due to my dad's total vegetarian fail, we couldn't have any proper food because nowhere apparently knows what a vegetarian is in Spain, so in the end we settled for Chinese (yeah, I really travelled to Spain to eat Chinese food...) but I made him promise to buy me paella and ice cream before we left.

While walking around, we took some pics of the city at night, because it was really quite pretty. There was actually a lot of stuff we forgot to take pics of, because we fail at life, but still. I camerawhored the hell out of Valencia, just as I promised.

Finally, the view from the hotel room at night. Funnily enough, for the third biggest city in Spain, it was really quiet. The roads were huuuge, but the drivers were mostly respectful of pedestrians and stopped at the zebra crossings.
I didn't think to take a pic of it during the day, mostly because I was hardly ever in during the day, but also because I kept forgetting. I had a really early night the first night, I was asleep by 10.30 because of the lack of sleep from the night before and the travel. Still, even with all the tiredness, my first day in Valencia was everything I thought it would be and more.

I'll blog about the other days seperately most probably, because the zoo and the Mestalla need their own posts, as I suppose the City of Arts and Sciences does, because we really went camera crazy there.

5 comments: said...

Thumbs up for you to finally made it to the Spanish soil - even with 2-hour sleep :D

Guh guh guh - Valencia is too pretty <3
And well done on not having coffee on the first day!

Vanilla Bear said...

Oh Gina I'm reading with my mouth like :O It looks like so much fun, I really want to go there now!

Sarah said...

Doesn't it shock you when you find out that the metro is cleaner everywhere else but here? I was in awe at the Paris metro. Clean compared to the tube...bacteria free.

It looks like you had loads of fun and I am sooooo going there next year. :)

And I love the pics of the city at night. It looks so gorgeous.

LoveLamps said...

Oh it's so beautiful there! So beautiful!

chicnandia said...

Yaay,im happy your dream of going there came true!!Beautiful pictures Gina!!...No,im not at all jealous..