Monday, 20 April 2009

Weekend round up - sort of.

Valencia won! I mean, my FFT suffered like hell as a result, because Palop conceded three goals, but still, they won! And they are back up into the CL slots again, so I am happy, they deserve to be there. They went a goal down (and thankfully, I mssed this because of work) but then Adriano was sent off in like the 40th minute or thereabouts for a foul on Dahveed. If I'm honest, it wasn't a straight red. A yellow defo, but that would have been his second and he'd have been off anyway, so you know. Tough luck. Then just minutes later, Mata was felled in the penalty box and Valencia had a chance to go level. Dahveed stepped up and of course, he scored. Was there ever any doubt? Though again, if I'm totally honest, I'm not sure how much of a penalty it was. I've seen them not given. Still, half time, 1-1. It's totally because I was at the Mestalla last week. *nods* I am their good luck charm you see.

Anyway, the second half, and it was rather entertaining to see practically half the Valencia squad sat in the stands. I mean, not so much, because they're all injured, but there was seriously loads of them. I'd like to point out that I was sat right in those effing seats like 5 days ago. For real. I think I was sat where Carleto was sitting during the game yesterday. The referee was another one of them card happy bastards, I think the final total was something stupid like 15 yellows and a red. Yes, Marchena did get his obligatory yellow. They missed several great chances to go a goal up, shooting over and/or hitting the post. Valencia didn't get their first corner until like the...I don't even know what minute, by which point Sevilla already had 9.

Chente came on after about 75 minutes, and I squeed like a typical fangirl. I actually did lose my train of thought. He played amazing as usual, but then I almost always say that. After a long tense wait, another PK given to Valencia, this time for handball. Which in all fairness, I'm not sure it was. I mean, Navarro swung an arm in the air, but I don't think he actually made contact with the ball. Still, if you're going to give a PK for that, then it needs to be a booking. And seeing as the guy had a yellow already...pft, whatever. This time Dahveed wasn't on the pitch to take it, so Mata stepped up and scored. 2-1, advantage Valencia. Pablo rounded off a perfect evening by scoring to make it 3-1. Towards the end, Palop (who was already on a yellow and probably should have got another judging by the referee's general card happy attitude) shoved Mori to the ground and how did Mr Card Happy react? He booked Mori. Yeah, fail. Not that I in any way cared by this point. They had all three points and a CL spot again. Yay!

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Amunt Valencia!!!
Maybe bumping your head on their bench roof got rid of their bad luck :D