Thursday, 9 April 2009

Thank you for the fail Liverpool.

But no, really, thank you. At least there was a bit of fail on Tuesday to put a smile on my face during my otherwise miserable birthday. And at least the people ate UEFA were nice enough to make it so the Liverpool game was the day after my birthday. Still, last night was appalling. On so many different levels. The team that went out against Chelsea last night had NOTHING in common with the team that beat Man U and Real Madrid last month. Except the name of course. They were poor, it's as simple as that. They played for 10 minutes, went a goal up and seemed to think that was game over. Well, obviously it was not. The 3-1 scoreline at the end only goes to illustrate that. I will not be able to ever figure out what the hell Lucas was doing on the pitch last night. We may as well have played with 10 men, we'd probably have done better. He was like a 12th man for Chelsea, not one of his passes was accurate, he lost possession way too easily and he was the biggest fail in the collective vortex of suckage (thanks to Erin for that phrase) that was Liverpool last night. I can't even get over it. It's the first game I've been able to watch since the Real Madrid game, and I could probably be forgiven for being a little cocky and thinking we'd win this for sure. I wasn't asking for another miraculous scoreline of 4-0. 1-0 would have done. Taking a lead to Stamford Bridge, no away goal for Chelsea, a job well done. Instead, we go into that game trailing 3-1, needing at least 3 away goals to give us a chance and quite frankly, they need to bring it hardcore, because playing like they did last night, they'll be lucky to get ONE goal in the second leg.

Well, the one good thing to come out of that game is that if I do manage to find a way to watch the second leg while in Valencia, I don't have to put up with John Terry's smug little face because he got booked last night and will miss the second leg. *does happy dance* Also, can they PLEASE stop fucking whining about the yellow card? First Terry spouts a load of BS about it not being fair and how Liverpool crowded the ref asking for the yellow (I'm sorry, but er...Pot. Kettle. Black.) and now Lampard is in on the act too. I don't want to insult anyone here, but grow up, yes? It was a yellow card. He went in hard and headbutted the goalkeeper in the chest when the ball was long gone. You know you'd have wanted a yellow if it happened to your goalie, so shut up and put up. And for the record, yes I would say the same thing had Skittles gone in like that on Cech. I don't believe in team bias when it comes to decisions made in the course of a game, everyone deserves an equal chance.

Call me bitter, and I probably am, but I don't think Chelsea were the better team on the night because they outplayed Liverpool or showed anything particularly special. They were the better team on the night because Liverpool simply stopped playing. Still, it was a deserved win I suppose, and I am sort of not really looking forward to the second leg next week. It's sure to be a good game if the Liverpool from previous games show up instead of the Liverpool from last night.