Sunday, 26 April 2009

Story of the game last night...

Well, this pretty much sums up the game last night in tweets:

I'm late on this cos I was doing other stuffs, but FUCK YOU ROYALLY BARCA!!

FUCKING REFEREE FAIL! HOW was neither of those things a PK? You hijo de puta!

I AM HAVING A MENTAL BREAKDOWN!! WTF happened to HOME advantage. The Mestalla is IN VALENCIA, I'm sure of it. I just went there a week ago.

OMG, Alexis in defence is killing me today. He's just...FAIL.

Are you shitting me? Messi against 4 defenders and he pwned them ALL and ran half the length of the pitch?

YES YES YES! Stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it!!!


Heeey, way to go Ruano, you got your defending skillz back a little.

How is it when Valencia players are diving they need to be booked, but it's fucking FINE when Messi does it?

OH FFS REF! Fouls go both ways yes? You give some to Barca and more to Valencia, it's at THE MESTALLA!!!!

(And then this is the point at which I lost my sanity a little)
Uuunnnfffffff Vicente. ILY bb.

FUCK YOU SO MUCH BARCA! I curse you all to die of a horrible flesh eating virus tha will slowly eat away your soul. Just. fuck you.

FAIL! I hate life. Barca, you're so fucking SELFISH. You don't even NEED those points, my boys do dammit!!

I am going to sit down and rewatch the game later today, or possibly tomorrow, and then I'm going to do a proper match report on it, because I have the feeling that if I do one now, I'll miss about half of the stuff that actually happened because I was too busy being a batshit crazy gibbering idiot the first time around.


Misty Stiletto said...

Haha. Gina that was hilarious!!

And also made me not want to ever watch a football match with you (jokes) hehe.